Brett Favre contemplating a return

January 2nd, 2013 | by Nick

quarterback Brett Favre

Hattiesburg, MS – Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has spent the last couple of years away from pro football and out of the public spotlight. Recently, it is rumored that Favre has “the itch” yet again. He seems to be looking to get back into the view of the public eye.

Favre performed a series of historic 180s when he officially retired from football in 2008, only to become reinstated a mere 5 months later, retire again, then un-retire, then retire again and un-freaking-retire about eighty more times after that. The drama of these incessant retirements caused a media frenzy; something that Favre is longing for yet again. The fervor, the attention it garnered–it all seems so very nostalgic for him now. It is a situation that he craves.

We reached out to his former NFL agent Bus Cook for comment on how nostalgic Favre really is:

“Haven’t spoken to Brett about returning to football for a few hours but I do know he’s anxious to get out in front of the cameras and re-establish himself.”

Son of a bitch. The ol’ Gunslinger just couldn’t stay down. Favre is rumored to be scheduling a press conference regarding any future press conferences he may want to have in the future.

It is all speculation at this point, but nevertheless, we will keep our eyes open. Stay tuned as the Observer will update you with any developing Brett Favre press conference regarding possible press conference rumors. Press conference.

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