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Fargo Man Seriously Injured In Giant Jenga Accident

Jenga Jeopardy

Jenga Jeopardy

Fargo, ND – A fun night with friends took a terrifying turn after a Giant Jenga game suddenly collapsed, authorities say.

Fargo firefighters rescued local resident, Pete Saykes from the pile of Giant Jenga pieces around 2 a.m., about an hour after his last turn.

Friends remember that he seemed nervous and unsure about which piece to pull from the Jenga tower. “Pete just looked kind of freaked out,” said witness Jeremy Johnson. “He was walking around the game with this confused expression, almost like he knew something bad was going to happen.”

Another friend recalls Mr. Saykes having “a really hard time pulling his block out.” Seconds later, he was nearly buried alive.

Police say Pete Saykes was fortunate to survive the accident, and remind citizens to read the directions carefully when playing large-scale games.

The FMO was able to contact Giant Jenga’s creator, Uncle Leroy, in his shed behind the site of the accident. When asked about the incident, Uncle Leroy just stared at us for about a minute before walking away. He is presumed to still be in shock.

At press time, Mr. Saykes was reported to be “alive, but questionable”.

Bean Bag Toss Game Goes Back To Caveman Days

Early cornholers practicing their craft.

Early cornholers practicing their craft.

Moorhead, MN – A new recent archaeological finding shows that cavemen played the Bean Bag Toss game.

This ever-popular game is also called CornHole since bags of corn were used by cavemen during times of abundant harvest to glorify their gods.

Early Game expert Minga Tortendorf says this latest discovery just outside of Moorhead, Minnesota is very important.

“It shows that early cavemen and cavewomen played the Bean Bag Toss game just as we do today” she explains.

“This is the first real evidence that we have of early humans actually playing any type of games.”

The next time you and your family, friends, or co-workers are playing CornHole (or as some simply call it: CornHolio), just imagine the earliest settlers played the exact same game way back around 42,000 B.C.

Minga’s closing thoughts: “By playing CornHolio, it sadly shows that in some ways we have not progressed much at all from Cro-Magnon days. If you really want to show how much we’ve advanced since the dawn of life, perhaps consider having a Bocce Ball tournament, or at least go fly a kite like Thomas Edison for heaven’s sake!”

FM Observer Photo Caption Contest

Caption Contest Photo! (click on pic to zoom in for a better look)

FMO Photo Caption Contest! (Click on picture to zoom in for a better look.)

As promised, it is time once again for another FM Observer Photo Caption Contest!

It’s time to put on your thinking caps and brainstorm your best captions to go with this picture.

There is no limit to the number of entries that you can submit or to the amount of prestige that goes with being named the contest winner.

All entries will be judged by a well-respected international panel of qualified photo caption contest experts from all walks of life.

There are numerous ways to submit your captions for the contest. You can either leave them in the comment section below, or you can easily email them to us at, or finally, you can physically drop them off at our sprawling new corporate office complex campus on your way home from the bar.

Note: The big winner of our last photo caption contest won two one-way tickets to Argentina. We assume these two lucky people are having a great time down there since we have not heard a peep from them in over five months. To those two fun-loving thrill-seekers, please check in with us when you can to let everyone know that everything is going as fun as planned. Thanks and Good Luck!


Respawn Lays Out It’s Future With Titanfall

TitanfallIn a recent post, Steve Fukuda discussed the developer’s point of view to supporting the future of Titanfall and offered some insight as to what to expect.

Some of these is the promise of ultimate transparency.  They stated they want to let its fans know exactly what to expect.

“We tend the garden and keep the weeds out,” Fukuda posted.

What he actually means is that the current employees (former infinity ward employees) will be required to update the game with the most minimal changes possible.

“Yes.  Our 10 year future of Titanfall releases looks fantastic.  We have made one game now.  Now all we need is a sequel with some added gameplay and you’ve got yourself a series! Once the second game is released, it’s hookers, blow, and suitcases full of quaaludes for the following nine years.”

“Any new and exciting ideas for future releases?”

“Yes of course! By game two we have many scenes created.  We can now just take those same scenes, add some new textures, and create new scenes from those in no time flat.  That means tons of new scenes and textures for our fans.  We will also think about adding titan customization features.  Those will require in-game micro purchases, of course. Lastly, we will just literally try and do the least amount of work possible on future releases so we can continue to sell you the same game for the next 9 years.  We call it “The Call of Duty Format. DLC content will be available for a fee on day one as well.”

The developers got the last word and here is what they stated.

“We think you will love the Titanfall series and hope to see you continue buying the same game every year for the next nine years. We love your delicious tears……..but we love your money even more.”


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xbox one versus playstation 4

Xbox One VS PS4 Fanboy Off

xbox one versus playstation 4

The Xbox One and the PS4 are set to be released this November.  This leaves the fanboys of each console at war with each other.

They have taken to Twitter and Facebook to do battle!


Round 1


Winner  – Playstationps4sucks


Round 2


Winner – Microsoft


Round 3


ps4 sucks big time

Winner – Microsoft – This guy sure does like hashtags


Round 4


Winner – Microsoft


Round 5


Winner – Playstation


and the winner is……………..

cat gift

Winner by TKO


Young Local Chess Master Has Big Plans



Fargo, ND – A young local chess prodigy wants all home-schooled children to form teams. Cooper Sterling has been a chess master since age six. He claims that being home-schooled really allowed him to excel in areas of personal interest to him. His parents found out early on that chess was a talent he was born with when he embarrassed a traveling chess grandmaster at the young age of four.

“One drawback to being home schooled, however, is you don’t get to be on any teams”, Cooper said. He would like to start out by forming a local chess team of other home-schooled children. “From there, the sky’s the limit”, he added, with a smile.

Cooper eventually would like to form home-schooled teams to compete with local schools in debate, ping-pong, and even some track & field events. As for Cooper, he also has some personal goals set for his next few years. They include: marketing his own line of Think & Thrive board-games, and designing and building his own underground home.