Come Ready to Party, Leave Drunk and Stupid.

North Dakota Tourism Ad is Scandalous!

Leave a Legend? As a young woman with many male friends, I would just like to say that the new North Dakota Tourism ad is outrageous! North Dakota people don’t go out “on the town!” What is so wrong with the reality of being confined inside our cabins all winter warming up to the pellet stove, doing our laundry over the hot fire, churning butter, and eating our hand-salted meat we prepared and stocked for the winter months? Why do North Dakota leaders continually try and market my state this way?

Once the snow melts I can’t wait to put on my bonnet, lace up my shoes, and run amongst the wildflowers in the tall meadow with my tin lunch pail. My horse and buggy is ready to go out for a good gallop across the country too because I’m running out of baking supplies for my pies and material for my girls’ dresses. To the North Dakota Department of Commerce: Do please stop printing this outlandish material about my beloved state! We are who we are, and we most certainly do not hit the streets and party like this. If something like this is printed again at least cover up the shoulders and knees on those young girls. By the way, I’d like to know where they got the dresses? Those don’t even exist.

Ugh, just scandalous!

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