Concert Review: Melvins Lite @ The Aquarium (with slideshow)

September 19th, 2012 | by Nick

Fargo, ND – The Melvins Lite are 14 days deep on their highly publicized world record breaking tour. True to their word, the band trucked from Sioux Falls, SD to Fargo, ND overnight to play their 14th consecutive gig in as many days at the Aquarium. I took in the full night’s performance which included opening band Tweak Bird–consisting of a two-piece guitar/drum ensemble that really brought some loud and furious sounds to the stage with the two instruments they had. This served as a pretty solid indication of what was to come.

Make no mistake about it, the “Lite” in the band’s title has nothing to do with the style of music as the trio rocked it from beginning to end. The crowd was treated to an even mix of old and new material, with songs from albums like Houdini (1993) and A Senile Animal (2006) making appearances as well as tracks from their newest release, Freak Puke (2012). 

A little slideshow containing shots of last night’s performance:

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With luck on the Melvins Lite’s side, this show will become a part of Guiness World Record history.


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