Death Metal Band Name Ideas

December 11th, 2012 | by Bill Burns

Death Metal Band Name Ideas

In an effort to help out any new death metal bands around the area struggling to think of a name for their band, I’ve included some death metal band names you may use below.

Please give credit if you end up using one of them.  These names will surely please everyone.  If any of these don’t help you out, stay tuned for part 2 of this list coming soon.


Dragon Testicle Death Punch
Bloody Intestine Hangers
Ass Hair Death Fire
Cunt Cutters
Necrophilia Anal Puke
Fatal Decay Skull Death Piss Fart
Eye Dagger Blood Spit
Colon Fire Of Death
Morbid Fetus Disfiguring
Decapitated Diarrhea
Scorn Flesh Droppings
Bullet Burial
Hooker Hunter
Gypsy Ballsack Impalers
Bloody Giraffe Polar Bear Kicker
Chainaxe Saw Blow Murder Blood Puddle

….and last but not least

Puke Pissing Digested Anal Neck Eye Socket Infected Poop Stool Dumper