Drunk Packer Fan Hits Street In Style

Fargo, ND – A drunk Green Bay Packer fan (is there any other kind?) recently awarded a quiet nighttime Fargo street corner with more than it could handle. The Packer fan, let’s call him “Drunken Rodgers”, had himself quite a journey last night. He traversed a number of intersections on foot, jaywalking the entire time like a blind two-year-old barely making it to the corner grass of what would become the unluckiest slab of lawn in the entire city. Evidently, Drunken Rodgers stuffed his bulbous gut full of enough Leinenkugel’s and cheese curds to make the journey home quite impossible.

Street crews were seen this morning re-sodding the corner grass patch in an effort to completely disinfect the intersection. Damage is said to be in the millions.

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