Fargo Man Forgot How to Golf, It’s Been So Long

2011-05-07_1512Fargo, ND—The F-M area has finally broken through to springtime after enduring the longest extended winter in its storied history. The cold is on its way out and the golf clubs are too.

Now that most of the icy cobwebs have finally melted into nothing, many of our local golf courses have opened their grounds.

This comes as good news to Chrot Hicks, if only he could understand why. It seems that once upon a time in a past life, Hicks occupied this vast acreage of mowed green grass. The ancient sport of golf was played.

“If I can properly recall…I used to use something called a ‘putter’ and tap a small white orb into an equally small hole in the ground. To the best of my knowledge, that was how I did golf.”

Hicks went on to explain how he couldn’t remember what he did with his “putter” or the rest of his metal hitting sticks he used to play with on the course. He suspects that they disintegrated into nothingness due to the scientific process of sublimation that occurs to solids over very, very long periods of time.

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