Fargo School Board To Implement New Anti-Bullying Policy

March 15th, 2012 | by Bill Burns

Fargo, ND – Since 2002 the Fargo School Board has had an Anti-Bullying policy in place.  This policy consisted of rewarding bullies and punishing the victims.  It promoted such nonsense as “Walking or running away,” “Turning the other cheek,” and “Just lay there and let them beat you up.”  The school board has now changed it’s stance and will implement a new anti-bullying policy.

This new policy will implement a number of different things.  One is requiring students to attend classes such as “MAN THE FUCK UP” and “KICK FUCKING ASS.”  Another is allowing children as young as six to carry weapons such as grenades, machine guns, and anti-tank weapons.  Lastly, the school board will implement mixed martial arts cages in every school gym around the city.

The school board will likely move forward with this new policy in the next couple weeks.

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