Fox News Reporter Asks MMA Fighter Some Odd Questions

June 29th, 2014 | by Bill Burns

ufc fight night 44
San Antonio, TX – UFC Fight Night 44 is in the books.  It was a decent event with good matches.  After the main match between Cub Swanson and Jeremy Stephens, UFC reporter Heidi had a chance to speak with the loser, Jeremy Stephens.  Here are some of her rather odd questions.


“How did it feel when you got hit in the face repeatedly?”

“Does it hurt to get kneed in the stomach?”

“What could you have done to get hit less?”

“That very large bump on your face, is it uncomfortable?”

“You got kicked in the leg a bunch of times, why?”

Was it the punch straight to the nose or the liver that hurt the worst?

Why are you crying?

You are sweating.  Was it a hard match?

Why didn’t you just get up at the end of the match there? Were you hurt?


Without these hard hitting questions there is no way of getting to know what it’s actually like being a ufc fighter.  We are glad this reporter asked the most important question in order to get a better understanding of the sport.


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