International Piano Tuner Finally Shares His Secret

March 30th, 2017 | by Special Contributor

“Perfection can only be reached by striving for imperfection.” –Toney Sharp

Toney, Alabama – It would seem tuning pianos would be the perfect job for Toney Sharp but due to a personality quirk, his life has become complicated.

He mistakenly trusted his new woman “friend”, and in “pillow talk” mode told her of his fraudulent scheme.

While on a trip to Russia several years ago for the International Piano Tuners Convention, he decided to not tune pianos perfectly.

He would minutely adjust to be a bit sharp or flat. It was such a minor adjustment that no one but himself would ever know, and what would it matter to the listeners of music playing on these pianos, because they could not hear it anyway. Why should he share his gift of perfect pitch with anyone else?

Had he never told anyone, his secret would have stayed a secret.

Mr. Sharp is currently on sabattical at an undisclosed Minnesota Lake location, trying to “get his mind right.”

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