kanye west white tshirt

Kanye West T-Shirt Available Once Again.

kanye west white tshirt

Bitch, how you not the hobbit again?

A few months back, Kanye west released upon the masses a $120 dollar ‘hip hop’ white t-shirt.  You read that right.  A $120 dollar regular white cotton t-shirt.  If you were planning on trying to stop the planet because you’re done with the ride, now would be the time .  This $120 dollar white t-shirt SOLD OUT immediately.  Yes, stupid people bought this.

It’s been really hard to get your hands on this one of a kind, totally worth it, $120 dollar white cotton t-shirt.  That is, until recently.

The t-shirt is back in stock now but with a twist.  Are you ready to hear this folks?  Probably the best thing you will hear until 2020.  Ok.  Last time.  Are you ready?  You can now buy a $120 DARK NAVY t-shirt!!!!  Yea that’s right.  Starve yourself of food for a couple months so you can go out and buy this one of a kind navy blue t-shirt.

This t-shirt is a genius collaboration between A.P.C and Kanye West.  We can assume the conversation went like this.

Kanye: Yo bitches I got a genius idea, because i’m a genius.  Ok ok.  Get this.  We should sell a white t-shirt!  Nobody has ever done it before! Fuck i’m a genius.  You think i’m a genius?  Yea you know i’m a genius.

APC: You are a true genius nigga.  Let’s get that nigga shit in production right away.  This is fucking genius.  You’re so genius, i’m so genius, we’re just two genius niggas.  I fuck bitches.

You can follow the link to purchase the all mighty, genius, white cotton t-shirt.  Or, if you would like to NOT starve for a couple months, you can go to Target and buy this one for a low low price of $8 dollars.  You decide.

I do think the Kanye West t-shirt is worth it if and only if you buy an affliction t-shirt to wear over it.

You’re a total baller now AND a fucking genius.

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