Methamphetamine finally getting respect it deserves

April 16th, 2012 | by Nick

United States – After years and years of its soul-consuming, life-ruining addiction plaguing millions, the kook fuel known as methamphetamine is finally getting the serious respect it deserves in the drug community. Methamphetamine has garnered many different slang terms derived from its potency: ice, glass, boom, pow, body rot, toothless wonderment, schizo-rock, face-melt, frozen devil jizz, etc. The list goes on.

Its power in the drug industry is illustrated perfectly in the AMC TV smash hit Breaking Bad. In it, a former chemistry teacher pairs with a drug-slinging degenerate to cook and sell meth for profit. They cook shitloads of the drug and proceed to rake in bushels of cash while pissing off street dealers in the process. The show is brilliantly done. It provides a look into the darker side of the industry that anyone who knows of meth’s destructive energy can appreciate.

We here at the Observer want you to know that drugs are bad. Do not do them. At the same time, we also understand that some of you are rebels. Some of you are going to get after it. That said, if you really want to get crunked-up and party, we would strongly recommend you stick with hippie tree. Tree isn’t so bad that it rots away your insides & collapses your face into itself. It also won’t drive you completely bonkers. You can mix tree with booze and get hella fucked-up if you want, but we don’t recommend that either. I guess what i’m saying here is DON’T EVEN LEAVE THE HOUSE. THINGS WILL KILL YOU. WORLD=DANGER. STAY HOME FOREVER.