Millions of children unwittingly participating in “Harbaugh-ing” internet fad

January 22nd, 2013 | by Nick

Jim-HarbaughAtlanta, GA – Shortly after a nation of football fans witnessed Jim Harbaugh go all “Jim Harbaugh” after his challenged catch was overturned during the NFC Championship game last Sunday, millions of meme-hungry jokesters around the country got into the action. They began posting internet photos and video of themselves throwing a hissy-fit, calling it “Harbaugh-ing”.mr_61a895ccf28ace

Unruly children are also getting in on the fun (with the help of their parents, of course). Kids are throwing temper tantrums at home and in public while their parents laugh and take pictures and video from various angles.



Passers-by laugh along with the parents, saying “Ha ha, nice Harbaugh you got there, ma’am. Looks just like him.” Little Sally’s meltdown is now working against her. She gets exposed as a Harbaugh AND fails to get the call to go her way.

I personally cannot wait until the two Harbaugh brothers face-off as coaches in the Super Bowl this February. You just know the guys’ father, Jack Harbaugh, will be there with a camera of his own, catching all the “Harbaugh-ing” he possibly can and posting it on his Twitter. Hashtag #Harbaughing.

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