New North Dakota License Plate Ideas

Fargo, ND – There has been much deliberation regarding efforts to project a new state image after a proposal to change the state name was shot down. Now, state legislators are batting around an idea to try redesigning the state license plate.

The current design depicts a quaint view of the summertime prairie, with a buffalo grazing in peaceful solitude:

Not accurate at all, as the climate in ND is at least 60/40 cold & shitty to warm and inviting

Not accurate at all, as the climate in ND is at least 60/40 cold & shitty to warm and inviting

Legislators brought the idea of change to the table after one of the good old boys took a gander at that aged design and thought, “A might bit sick of seeing this on all the cars. Doesn’t look right anymore.” Now they are weighing the cost of such a redesign as well as possible ideas for a new slogan.

Ideas for a new slogan, you say? The Observer can help with that. Here are a handful of slogans we’d like to see grace the top of the North Dakota license plate:

  • “The Earth Is A Giant Snowball” – Winter seems to be literally endless, with an inches-thick sheet of snowpack covering every inch of the ground.
  • “We Have More Budget Money Than You” – Enough money to spend millions on a license plate redesign, that’s for sure.
  • “Land Of 10 Bazillion Oil Barrels” – Like Minnesota’s slogan “Land of 10,000 Lakes” but cuz of all the black gold they’re sucking out of the ground.
  • “Best Fracking State In The Union” – This slogan truly speaks for itself.
  • “If Winter Doesn’t Kill You, The Flood Will” – Because on a yearly basis, we do battle with both. Every year. Every year, the Earth literally tries to murder you.

Residents are brainstorming ideas for this proposed change as we speak. Some are good, some are not so good. If you’d like to submit your license plate idea to the Observer, please list it in the comments section below or on our facebook page at Submissions are always welcome!

NPR article/interview: Best Fracking State In the Union

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