Professional Pie Shoppe Franchise Opportunity

February 6th, 2013 | by Johnnny

Our pies taste as good as they look.

Pie Town, NM – Franchise opportunity possibilities are available for interested and motivated persons.

Professional Pie Shoppe Franchise Opportunity Corporation wants to soon open a store in your neighborhood.

The PPSFOC is looking for pie-loving people to partner for profit.

All pies are sold for their trade-marked price of $3.14159, plus tax.

To keep costs down, most of the help is done by pie-loving “volunteers” who offer their time and efforts (until they find out they’re not getting paid).

Due to the low price point, tips are accepted and even encouraged, much appreciated and almost mandatory.

At all of the franchised Professional Pie Shoppes, the types of pies that are available for sale make the full alphabetical circle, from A to Z:

Apple Ala Mode Pie
Blueberry Best Pie
Cherry Sex Pie
Dorm Party Pie
Enchilada Mexi-Pie
Fruitcake Fun Pie
Green Goblin Key Lime Pie
Huckleberry Finn Pie
Iguana Wanna Eat Pie
Jack Horner Little Pie
Kiwi Klondike Krazy Pie
Lemon Bon Bon Pie
Muggle Mud Pie
Nutritional High Pie
Oprah Chocolate Pie
Personal Pecan Pie
Quince Jellystone Pie
Red Rum Spicy Pie
Sam Shepard Pie
Turkish Coffee Pie
Unicorn Horny Pie
Very Vampire Pie
Willy’s Wonka Pie
Xtra Xcellent Pie
Yucca Yam Pie
Zebra Mussel Pie

If interested in starting your own clone of the original Professional Pie Shoppe, simply leave a comment to this post, or google the “Professional Pie Shoppe Franchise Opportunity Corporation”. Once you’ve somehow made contact with the corporate offices, ask for Carla and tell her you want to “partner for profit”.

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