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More Memorable Moments From Cody Marthaller

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“Be happy and enjoy everyday life.” –Cody Marthaller (1982-2014)

As mentioned in a previous post, we recently lost Cody Marthaller, who was a dear friend and also a co-founder of this website.

Back in 2004, Cody wrote: “Some time in life something will strike hard, but you just get back up and try harder. Everything in life as we perceive it, is really not how it is; look beyond and see how it really is. Be happy and enjoy everyday life. Treat people with respect and do what is right. Share your thoughts and feelings with people. They will be more fair. We are who we are. Just a human.”

This post is Part 2 of some of Cody’s more memorable posts. All of these posts are from the year 2013. In the coming weeks, look for Part 3 in this series where we’ll revisit some of Cody’s more memorable moments from 2012 (which was the first year of FMO).

Scroll over any post to see the date it was published (desktop users only). Simply click on any title to be taken to that particular post. Enjoy!

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