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UFO Encounter In Marshall County Minnesota Finally Solved

We are very sorry. For causing any trouble. We did not know. That our presence on Earth. Was going to be such a big deal.

Stephen, MN – The mysterious UFO encounter which happened in Minnesota’s Marshall county forty years ago has finally been solved.

Three space aliens who had recently been detained on unrelated drug charges confessed to flying the orb-like spaceship which was at the center of the infamous 1979 UFO sighting.

“Yes, it was our Orb cruiser which caused the bright light and then accidentally struck the squad car of Deputy Val Johnson near Stephen Minnesota,” said the three spaced aliens, as translated through their alien attorney.

The three undocumented aliens went on to say: “We mean the people of Earth no harm. We only wanted to co-mingle and party with you frackers. Even though you’re a relatively primitive species, we admire your gumption and spunk.”

Jodie Foster Admits To Being Part Alien

Foster admits to being part alien

Jodie Foster is part alien

Hollywood, CA – Blond bombshell and award winning actress Jodie Foster has dropped a huge bomb on the Hollywood community.

Ms. Foster recently tweeted that she is now openly admitting that she is “part alien”.

Ever since her starring role in the movie “Contact”, some close friends have suspected something unusual about their “friend”.

The fact that she never ate in public, and all those intermittent strange noises emanating from her forehead were among early clues, they say.

Now that Ms. Foster has come out of the closet, she might actually help others do the same.

She went on to tweet: “Now that I am sharing my secret, perhaps others who are part or even full alien will feel comfortable also coming out and letting the world know who they really are.”

Jay Leno’s reaction to this revelation was: “So it turns out there’s life on other planets. Boy, this is really going to change the Miss Universe contest!”

A spokesalien for Jodi Foster said: “Ms. Foster has always believed that the world is what we make of it. Perhaps we’ll see the day when aliens get treated like normal citizens. Perhaps alien races will be able to enjoy all the benefits and entitlements of being an American, such as free healthcare, and the right to vote without showing any photo identification.”