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Cops Crash Bachelorette Party Posing As Strippers

Fargo, ND – Local on-duty uniformed police officers were reported to have had a little fun at the expense of a bachelorette party over the weekend. Two Fargo police spotted a party bus parked outside the Old Broadway night club in downtown Fargo and decided to take action. They called in a 10-69 which is cop code for “accost a group of drunk bachelorettes with the magic of sexy dance”. The officers received a hearty 10-4 from the girls, as they were welcomed with open arms, laughs and smiles all while the girls shot questioning glances at one-another trying to figure out who the culprit was that called these hot chunks of man-meat! The women had their fun with the cops; gyrating against bullet-proof vests as the 2 fun-loving protectors of the common good danced provocatively & collected dollar bills inside their utility belts.

The police, after a rousing ovation from the party bus, took some photos and left to spend their hard-earned tip money on coffee as they were set to begin the night shift.