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Barbara Walters Being Retired To A Stud Farm


Baba Wawa Go Bye Bye

New York, NY – The beautiful and lovely Barbara Walters has been told she is retiring. ABC executives are leaking the news that she will be comfortably retired to a Stud Farm.

The iconic 83 year old grandmother to us all, has spent 50 years in television journalism and has seen it all. Everyone agrees there aren’t enough adjectives to describe this workaholic. But after suffering from chicken pox and prolonged fever, which possibly led to falling down a flight of stairs and getting a large gash in her forehead, many in the top floor of the ABC headquarters are strongly pushing for her to be gone already.

Is ABC forcing her out and off The View? Apparently she doesn’t really know much about it. However, forces behind the scene are indicating it is most definitely time for her to go to the Stud Farm. An ABC spokesman describes the Stud Farm as a very nice retirement home for aging TV celebrities.

Who might Baba WaWa see when she gets to the Stud Farm? Well, for starters, try megastar Regis Philbin (b. 1931). Also, the former Bozo-the-Clown and Today Show weatherman, Willard Scott (b. 1934). Of course, the always up Hugh Downs (b. 1921) will be there to welcome Barbara Walters (who was born in 1929) to her new home. One final for-sure would be the ever-handsome Tom Brokaw (b. 1940), who is still working with a special speech pathologist to pronounce his “L”s.

Most people think of horses when they hear Stud Farm. There will also be some of those there too. “Ms. Walters will have many people and animals to ‘interview’ after she makes the transition to her new life”, said Ernie Bankwood, who oversees the Stud Farm.

Back in late 2010, while interviewing the youthful Larry King, Barbara said “I know when my time’s coming”. Well, unfortunately for her, that time is now here, whether she knows it and likes it, or not.

When the FM Observer asked her what she thought about all this, she answered: “Oh, I hope that Fabio (Lanzoni) is at the Stud Farm!” Then she asked: “What’s the FM Observer?”