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Fargo’s Wood-Chip-Stock Festival Attracting Some Major Attractions

This is one happening in Fargo you won’t wana miss!

Fargo, ND – Organizers of the Wood-Chip-Stock Festival could not be more excited about the line-up of bands scheduled to play at this summer’s music fest!

Chick Spotwood and Tod Powo-Schick are the co-founders and keepers of the Wood-Chip-Stock Festival.

Chick-n-Tod have graciously leaked to us the list of bands currently slated to play at this year’s festival.

Main Stage: Suns Of Beaches, High Standards, Purse Puppies, Monkey Bars, The Ben Dover Group, Sunscreen Sixty, Band For Life!

Back Stage: Cosmic Muffin, Germane, Tippy Topps, Random Dogs, Epitaffy, Ipso Frackers, Liquid Smog!

Tickets for Wood-Chip-Stock Festival 2018 are free at any place that sells free tickets, or just hack information about this incredible event off of Cambridge Analytica’s facebook page.

Ironically, both Chick Spotwood and Tod Powo-Schick can somehow re-arrange all the letters in their names to spell: Wood-Chip-Stock!

President Expected To Swear More After Study Shows Profanity Is Sign Of Honesty

I shit you not! That bitch Hillary is the one who was fucking colluding with the goddamn Russians!

Washington, DC – President Trump, in an effort to quickly increase how honest he is perceived, will not only start swearing more in his public comments and tweets, but will also encourage his entire fucking Cabinet to all start using a lot more profanity in their day to day work lives.

The President is also going to have his whole family practice swearing by playing the amazing game called Add-On Swear Word which was first introduced on the FM Observer award-winning website.

“To create a more honest country, I strongly fucking urge all Americans to swear more by playing FMO’s Add-On Swear Word game on a daily basis.”

Barron Trump, the President’s youngest son, was overheard in the White House saying: “I love this shit. This is going to be fucking great!”

BitchFest 3000 Coming To Fargo

Think of BitchFest 3000 as a large Airing of Grievances

Think of BitchFest 3000 as a big Airing of Grievances

Fargo, ND – A new way of keeping the long-term peace is coming to Fargo.

BitchFest 3000 is way of helping people express their anger without destruction of property.

BitchFest 3000 has been proven (in lab rat testing) to reduce the general frustration level of a population by 47.8%.

If you are really pissed off by: The Diversion, Road Rage, Big Government, Bullying, Grandparents, Political Correctness, Zebra Mussels, or even your own family, please plan on attending Fargo’s BitchFest 3000.

People who pass a thorough background check can even host their own private BitchFest 3000 events.

Tiffy Barker says: “I love BitchFest 3000…and you will too!”

Bit©hFest 3000 is a registered trademarked ©opyrighted name of Bit©hFest 3000 ©orporation.