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The Orb Is Now Available Wherever Cool Things Are Sold

The Orb knows all.

Potter, WI – If you like ordering cool things online that are even cooler when you open the box, then Google’s new Hairy Potter Magical Orb is for you.

Tech-sperts are raving about The Orb and predicting that it could soon replace the need for Siri, Alexa, and smartphones.

Not only does it answer any and all questions you may have, but also acts as a communication device which does not need any keyboard since it can read your mind.

Google’s new Hairy Potter Magical Orb can answer any questions about the past, show what’s currently happening in the present, and accurately predict the future.

The only thing it cannot do is serve you breakfast in bed, although many people do like to sleep with The Orb.

A Blast From The Past

Every blog or entertainment website has a blast from the past post so I figured the FM Observer deserved one.  Below are various pictures from the 80’s and 90’s to get your nostalgia on.  You can post only so many pictures before I crash your browser so stay tuned for a second post.

mcdonalds_pals crossfire view_master squish_ballwwf_wrestle_figures

baseball_cards blurp_balls bubble_tape candy_bracelets clearphone Contra Converse-Backjam-Mid-1994-Grandmama dino-pebbles dont_wake_daddy double_dare duke_nukem_3d dunkaroos frenchtoastcrunchOriginal-732821 garbage-pail-kids ghostbusters_cereal goosebumps_books heinz_ez_squirt He-ManShe-Ra3 homer_butterfinger jem jordan_pippen_rodman la_gear_light_up_sneakers madballs magic_middles mcdonalds_pals mcdonalds_toys my_first_car my_pet_monster nestle_quik nickelodeon_gack nintendo_entertainment_system nintendo_nes NintendoSystemCereal pogs popples post_oreo_cereal reebok_pump slap_bracelets smelly_stickers sprinkle_spangles super_soaker_50 talk_and_play the_reading_rainbow tmnt_90s trix_halloween_glow_in_the_dark_tattoos trolls uforce_nintendo wheres_waldo wolfenstein_3d x-men_tiger_handheld 3d_doritos 90s_shark_bites american_online Animaniacs_Logo