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Man Raised By Buffalo Running For Congress

Joe Tatanka is going to Washington to literally drain the swamp.

Buffalo, ND – After being raised by a large family of buffalo as a young child, a North Dakota man is ready to represent his state in Washington, DC.

Joe Tatanka, who now wallows in the town of Buffalo, North Dakota, believes it is now his turn to fix big government by bringing old-fashioned common sense back to our nation’s capitol.

Joe Tatanka in his own words: “As a strong and horny buffalo man, I am more than ready to charge towards Washington and fight for the values taught to me by my buffalo family members.”

Mr. Tatanka will also use time-tested buffalo tactics such as 1. standing your ground, 2. huddling up for protection, and 3. attack by stampeding to reflect North Dakota’s legendary morals and standards.

Fargo Buffalo Wild Wings Patron Goes Ape Shit

Fargo, ND РPatron at the Buffalo Wild Wings on 42nd street was seen going totally apeshit after winning a singular round of bar trivia this evening. The minute his name flashed on the big screen, ape like behavior was witnessed along with grunting noises and scraping of the armpits.  Witnesses said they saw him hurl poop into a victims open mouth while they were trying to eat.  Ape boy was last seen holding his boner while jumping through a glass window.