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Local Service Clubs Helping To Make Snow Forts For The Homeless

The Snow Forts For The Homeless program is a winter win/win!

Fargo, ND – All of the service clubs in the Fargo-Moorhead area are joining forces to help the homeless during the cold winter months.

Dr. Whit Emerson, who is currently serving as president of the Friendly Raccoons service club, suggested the idea of building snow forts for the homeless to his friend Mister Howen.

These two remarkable men have now consolidated the collective energy of all the service clubs in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area with the single goal of providing each and every one of the area’s homeless population with a home, at least until Spring when they melt.

Amazingly, all of the letters in both Whit Emerson and Mister Howen can be re-arranged to spell: Winter Homes!

Wandering Through Some Wonderings

What were you doing on this day back in 2001?

Do you ever wonder if it is all worth it?

Do you ever wonder if time really exists?

Do you ever wonder if you have enough insurance?

Do you ever wonder if you’re developing normally?

Do you ever wonder if you’re being told the truth?

Do you ever wonder if your bedroom is a fire risk?

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right thing?

Do you ever wonder if you are who you are supposed to be?

Do you ever wonder if your pets enjoy the music you listen to?

Do you ever wonder if your weight problem could be hereditary?

Do you ever wonder what if your parents had never met each other?

Do you ever wonder if all that working out is working out for you?

Do you ever wonder if we make the moments in our lives or if the moments in our lives make us?

Do you ever wonder if you’re already dead and this is just your life flashing before your eyes?

Do you ever wonder how our lives would be different if the Twin Towers had not been attacked on 9/11?

Do you ever wonder what it was like seeing a large airplane flying directly toward your office?

Building-Like Structures Discovered On Planet Mars

Experts are wondering: If Mars has buildings, could it also have landlords and tenants?

Utopia Basin, Mars – After first discovering water, and then chocolate on Mars, NASA experts have now confirmed the existance of what appear to be buildings on the Red Planet.

NASA’s Beagle 3 has been sending back some amazing and surprising images since it landed just a few months ago.

“We were literally stunned to find actual buildings on Mars, some with what appear to be lights on inside them,” says Dr. Soni Flamer, who heads up NASA’s Look For Life program.

“These building-like structures that we are seeing on Planet Mars were perhaps never noticed before due to large sandstorms in the Utopia Basin area,” added Dr. Simon Rafel, who sometimes thinks he’s in charge.

Ironically, all of the letters in Soni Flamer and Simon Rafel can be re-arranged to spell: Life On Mars!

Newly Painted Downtown Fargo Buildings To Add Some Much Needed Color

Downtown Fargo's New 'Color My World' Project

Downtown Fargo’s Colorization Project

Fargo, ND – Peter Maxim, an NDSU student majoring in Color Psychology, has come up with a great idea to make Downtown Fargo more attractive.

During the summer, Peter’s project called “Color My World” will gradually paint all of the old buildings in historic Downtown Fargo a specific palette of vibrant colors designed to bring the whole area to life.

“Gone will be the daze of drab and boring nothing-colors which have made the downtown area about as inviting as going to a divorce counseling session,” says Peter Maxim as he ponders what colors each individual building will be painted, based on their unique location and aura.

Peter Maxim: “Think of this project as basically a giant three-dimensional paint-by-number project needing hundreds of painters to change Fargo’s entire downtown area into livable art.”

Volunteer painters who help out the Color My World project will be provided free water compliments of the Buy Dehydrated Water company located on the internet.

If you would like to help make Downtown Fargo Great Again, please contact Mr. Peter Maxim or just show up downtown with a paintbrush, some safety glasses and a ladder, if you have one.