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Volunteers Needed To Test New Bullet-Proof Jackets

If you volunteer to test a jacket, and everything “goes well”, you get to keep the jacket for free!

West Fargo, ND – Security Test Labs is seeking more volunteers to help test out some new bullet proof jackets poised to soon hit the market.

Volunteers will be compensated for their time and trouble but must first sign a disclaimer form prior to any testing sessions.

The disclaimer states that Security Test Labs is not responsible for any testing sessions that do not go well.

Now to the exciting part!

Here are the guns that will be used to test these new bullet-proof jackets:

The Sig Spartan Molon Labe 1911, the Ruger Blackhawk and Redhawk, the Glock 22, the Colt Pythonand the Kimber Warrior.

As the picture caption indicates, anyone who wears a test jacket and survives being shot at by each of the aforementioned six guns, will be invited to keep the jacket at no cost to you. Consider it a gift from Security Test Labs.

Successful volunteers will also receive a free gift basket which includes: a free $100 gift card to IHOP, a free lifetime subscription to Guns & Ammo magazine, and of course, a free bottle of Xanax.

Fargo FM Observer Pimp Cup 2

Official FM Observer Pimp Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, lay your eyes on the official FM Observer Pimp Cup.  It’s a cup.  It’s a shaker.  It’s even a flashlight.  If you run out of bullets, use the ones that are fashioned around the base of the pimp cup.  This is the beginning and the end.  The alpha and the omega.  It’s everything everyone has ever warned you about.