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It’s Official: Jar Jar Binks Is Moving To Fargo!

Donatella Versace shares her beauty secrets.

Say hello to Fargo’s newest celebrity!

Fargo, ND – After much behind-the-scenes planning and excitement, Jar Jar “JJ” Binks has decided to “settle down” in Fargo, North Dakota.

Known for being one of the most popular of all the Star Wars characters, a large portion of JJ’s vast wealth comes from his Binks Armored Truck services and for briefly being married to the very lovely and super rich Donatella Versace.

Mr. Binks says he is moving to Fargo because of the region’s relative safety and lack of paparazzi.

Jar Jar’s message to the people of Fargo: “Mesa called Jar-Jar Binks. Mesa your humble servant!”

Jar Jar is also seeking a life mate.

JJ likes walks down by the river, sipping wine, back rubs, book discussion clubs, and watching Kung Fu late at night.

Weirdos Believe Secret Underground Community Exists Beneath Hollywood Hills

What Lies Beneath? (rated R)

What Lies Beneath? (rated R)

Hollywood, CA—Several mentally-troubled outsiders believe there exists a secret underground celebrity community beneath the rolling hills of Hollywood, California. Locals are skeptical, but crazies are convinced that there’s stuff going on underneath the Earth, beneath the HOLLYWOOD sign.



Conspiracy theorists have presented non-factual evidence of secret activities occurring beneath the Hills. “25 million people living in LA and absolutely nothing going on beneath the Earth’s crust? I don’t think so, Tim,” proclaimed veteran conspiracy theorist Kenneth Noisewater. “Look beneath the Hills, not with your eyes, but with your instincts…you will see an enchanted, subterranean village full of Beautiful People. Backstage at the Hollywood Bowl is one entrance. Jack Nicholson’s backyard, there is another.”

Nobody truly knows what’s going on under there, but weirdos are convinced that it’s absolutely not nothing. Geologists, on the other hand, refute these claims with scientific evidence that if such an underground community did exist, it wouldn’t for long because the weight of the Earth above would collapse it into itself like an incredibly massive sinkhole.