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FMO To Host Free All-City Concert Featuring Hot Mega-Band “Neon Fruitcake!”

Neon Fruitcake! coming to West Fargo!

West Fargo, ND – To help get the New Year started off going in the right direction, your FM Observer will be hosting a free concert open to everyone who lives in West Fargo.

The super trending band Neon Fruitcake! will be playing all their current mega-hits including “2020” and “Up Yours”!

If your zip code is 58078 and you’re looking for the place to be in 2020, head on over to see Neon Fruitcake!

Just as the concert is free, also feel free to bring a fruitcake to the event to share with others or toss up onto the stage to show your support of Neon Fruitcake!

Note: Any people from Fargo or Moorhead caught trying to sneak into this concert will be deported back to their county of origin.

Sign Up To Win A Chance To Host Cher In Your Fargo Home During The Nights Of Her Concert

Cher wants to Share a night with you in your home! Just make sure you have some Chery Coke on hand!

Fargo, ND As part of her Final Outreach Tour, Cher wants to stay in the home of some lucky Fargo family in April 2020!

Sign up to win a chance to host Cher in your master bedroom during her two night stay in Fargo, before she scoots off to Green Bay, Wisconsin for her next big concert!

Email us all your personal contact information, along with your favorite Cher songs, and ten reasons why you love Cher!

Also explain why you think your home should be chosen to host Cher!

Please include a picture of your family, your pets, your home, and your master bedroomwhere Cher might sleep!

This Month Is National Hallucination Day Month

If you’re seeing things, you’re not the only one. It’s just a sign of the times.

Eastern West Fargo, ND – On top of everything else already going on in the nation, this is also National Hallucination Day Month.

Just imagine an entire month devoting each and every one of its days to honoring everything on the subject of hallucinations.

As the late Dr. Willy Nilly once preached: “The world is one mass hallucination which is why one whole month should be set aside as National Hallucination Day Month.

Some hallucination experts on our highly paid FM Observer staff have some visionary thoughts about hallucinations:

Luciana Hilton, who majored in hallucinations in college says:

Take your hallucinations seriously, but not too seriously, mmkay? Hallucinations are real but the real question is what does real mean? May I kindly suggest that during hallucinations, make a video of them with your smartphone to prove to friends and family that you’re not going completely nuts.

If you see something weird, say something weird.

Latini Calhoun, who is known in our corporate office park as having periodic flashbacks to rock concerts from yesteryear has these thinkings on the matter:

How do you really know if all your perceptions aren’t actually hallucinations? What I’ve found to help is trying to interact with your hallucinations in a simple state of wakeful dreaming. Always remember during National Hallucination Day Month: Hallucinations are as real as your dreams which are as real as your own reality!

Dr. Lilianna Touch of our Human Resources department, also happens to be a licensed hallucinationologist. She believes that having visions without any follow-up action is a hallucination wasted, so therefore act on your visions to reduce your number of hallucinations while increasing the quantity and quality of your visions.

All the letters in hallucination can spell Italiano Lunch, which is kind of pictured here.

Bottom line: During National Hallucination Day Month, when you have to choose between two valid hallucinations, chose the one that best fits the incoming data of your own personal reality in that space time.

Ironically, all of the letters in Luciana Hilton, Latini Calhoun, and Lilianna Touch can be re-arranged to spell: Hallucination!

Famous Rock Band ‘Autopsia’ Is Coming To Fargo; Tickets Selling Madly

Autopsia will turn your life upside down!

Fargone, ND Another excessively huge concert is just about to be announced for Fargo, North Dakotah!

Autopsia will be performing some of their greatest mega-hits, including:

Coffee and Cremation, Dead Upon Arrival, Peace Corpse, Skeletonia, The Last Laugh, Coffin Syrup, Prince Deadward, Hotel Gravestonia, Postmortem Fest, Autopsycho, Room 666, and Deadendless.

This incredible concert is brought to you by Hell-Oh Productions.

For ticket information, listen to the radio, watch TV, read newspapers, or just talk with your friends.

Do not miss Autopsia performing all the songs that made them one of the most recognizable bands in the world of music.

FM Observer Rating: ★★★★★

Todd Rundgren Opens Moorhead Concert With A Prayer For President Trump

Trump-lover Todd Rundgren leads the audience in prayer for President Donald Trump prior to his concert.

Moorhead, MN – Many who attended the Yes/Todd Rundgren concert were pleasantly delighted when Mr. Rundgren opened the concert with a nice long Hawaiian prayer for President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, they were not pleasantly surprised when YES did not show up due to some serious family problems.

Luckily, Todd Rundgren was then able to dedicate his entire headlining concert to invoking spiritual help for President Trump and his entire administration whom Mr. Rundgren greatly admires.

In fact, the Toddster announced that all of the proceeds from the concert will go to help fund President Trump’s re-election campaign and also to build the tall wall to keep Americans from escaping to Mexico in an effort to avoid paying back taxes.

After the concert concluded, Todd Rundgren got a personal phone call from President Trump who said: “I don’t want to work, I want to bang on the drum all day!”

World-Famous Scandinavian Folk Singer Coming To Fargo

World-famous Hidah Tinkenshine will grace Fargo-Moorhead with her more than 100 hit songs from Scandinavia.

World-famous Hidah Tinkenbörg will grace Fargo-Moorhead with her more than 100 hit songs from Scandinavia.

Fargo, ND – The FM Observer is very proud and excited to announce that world-famous folk accordianist Hidah Tinkenbörg will be performing in Fargo sometime in the “very near future”.

Few singers ever achieve first-name-only status such a Madonna but Hidah is one of those lucky few who have arrived at super stardom through hard work, a bit of luck, and a ton of talent.

Ms. Tinkenbörg will be performing all of her hit songs that have taken the Scandinavian world by storm for the past four decades. Some of her most popular songs that she promises to play in Fargo include: I Love You, Let’s Sip Some Coffee, Please Play With Me, and of course her biggest hit song: Where Are You Hiding?

How did this come to pass you might ask that someone as famous as Hidah would come to Fargo? Answer: An older member of our staff recently went on a Scandinavian cruise ship and ended up sleeping with Hidah.

If you would like to win free tickets to experience the power of Hidah, please email us and include a line from one of your favorite Hidah Tinkenbörg songs. You will know if you’ve won tickets because a long white limousine will show up at your front door a few hours before each concert.

Rolling Stones Latest New Hit: Sympathy For Dementia

'Sympathy For Dementia' being well-received by aging baby boomers.

‘Sympathy For Dementia’ being well-received by aging baby boomers.

Devils Tower, WY – The forever Rolling Stones have once again put forth another song for the ages, or in this case, a song for the aging.

Sympathy For Dementia is their latest new hit song and for many baby boomers who are entering their sunset years, this song hits home with them.

The song has unofficially been dedicated to their dear friend Glen Campbell who was once a member of the original Beach Boys and who now suffers from dementia.

The Rolling Stones will be taking their Sympathy For Dementia show on the road just as they have been doing for the past 55 years.

Stay tuned for tour stop locations as The Fargodome has been mentioned as a possible concert venue.

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani To Stay In Guestroom Of Randomly Selected Fargo Home

caption hier

If you have a nice guest bedroom, we would very much like to stay with you and your family.

Fargo, ND – With Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani coming to Fargo for a concert stop, the superstar couple is requesting to stay with “some normal folks” in a randomly selected Fargo home during their stay here.

Would you be willing to share your guest bedroom with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani?

If so, you will need to fill out an official application which should include photos of your guestroom, you, and your family (sorry, no pets).

All qualifying applicants will be put into a random drawing and the lucky selected winner will be hosting Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani in your home for one night during their visit to Fargo, North Dakota!

Justin Beaver’s ‘Porpoise’ Concert Floating To Fargo

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Justin Beaver’s latest concert tour encouraging people to get a porpoise and have a porpoise in their lives.

Fargo, ND – Marine biologists are among the many who are excitedly anticipating Justin Beaver’s “Have a Porpoise” concert tour stop in Fargo.

Most people don’t know that both of Justin Beaver’s parents are marine biologists who have spent their lives studying and trying educate others about the porpoise and the importance of having one.

In fact, statistics show that people who “Have a Porpoise” in their lives live longer than those who donut.

One of Justin Beaver’s Fargo fans named Mucky Fuzzlewump yelled: “OMG! Justin Beaver’s coming to Fargo! Finally my life will “Have a Porpoise!”

VIP-3 Package (which costs $40) includes: a signed picture of Justin Beaver’s porpoise, and a bag of Doritos half eaten by Justin Beaver.

VIP-2 Package (which costs $300) includes: a signed picture of Justin Beaver’s porpoise, a bag of Doritos half eaten by Justin Beaver, plus the gmail address of Justin Beaver’s agent, and an “I Hava Porpoise” wall mirror.

VIP-1 Package (which costs $2,000) includes: a signed picture of Justin Beaver’s porpoise, a bag of Doritos half eaten by Justin Beaver, the gmail address of Justin Beaver’s agent, an “I Hava Porpoise” wall mirror, plus five minutes in Justin Beaver’s back-stage baptismal hottub, an autographed Justin Beaver autobiography entitled “Looking Backwards”, and a chance to win a hot air balloon trip over the Himalayan Mountains with Justin Beaver and his pet shih tzu named Dinky.

Sir Paul McCartney Coming Back To Fargo For Another Concert

Be Right Back!

Be Right Back!

Fargo, ND – Apparently Paul McCartney enjoyed playing his music in Fargo so much, that he’s coming back for an encore concert.

“Yah, I really got a kick out of Fargo, so we decided to do it again, yah know?” he said during an exclusive interview. “But this next time around, I am going to play all different songs, and play them right-handed, just to switch things around a bit.”

His “BE RIGHT BACK” concert is “unprecedented”, says Nigel Banks, who works as a self-employed concert expert specializing in British concert tour scheduling history. “He must really like Fargo. Fargo should be quite proud of this.”

Fargodome officials are “simply delighted” that Sir Paul wants to return for another concert. “No firm dates have yet been decided upon, but we’ll figure something out! You can count on that!” tweeted the Fargodome.

Some on-the-street reactions to this big news:
“Wasn’t Paul McCartney just here last year?”
“This is some kind of joke, right?”
“Since I missed him the first time, this is very good news.”
“He is ambidextrous, too?”

Watch for further details about Sir Paul McCartney’s BE RIGHT BACK concert on your local news channels. (There is even some talk that he might be looking into buying a home in the Fargo area.)