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Fargo Man Says ‘I Digress’ Way Too Much

"But I digress..."

“But I digress…”

Fargo, ND—An area man is suffering a firestorm of controversy after his alleged abuse of the phrase “I digress” during a one-sided conversation yesterday.

Ricky Roma, 29, is a known abuser of the phrase. He can’t seem to get his point across succinctly due to his tendency to ramble.

“Ricky says ‘I digress’ waaay too much”, exclaims his co-worker Adam. “It’s obvious he doesn’t even know what digress means…I think he just likes hearing himself say it.”

Adam went on to explain that he and his co-worker Josh thought that Ricky had gone completely overboard with his recent story, using the phrase a total of 39 times in five minutes.

“He kept saying it over and over again, with no clear objective. He would talk about how hot the sauce was on his pulled pork he had at Rib Fest and then say ‘I digress’ and keep right on talking about the sauce. Then he’d say it again! It was so infuriating. I almost called the police.”

When asked about his constant overuse of the word ‘digress’, Ricky had this to say:

“I digress.”