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Leap Day Was Begun As An Extra Day To Do Something New Or Different

Leap Day is an extra day to try something new or do something differently.

Leapwood, TN – Leap Day was started by a man named John Leap from Tennessee.

Mister Leap believed that every four years people needed one extra day to do something different.

Whether it be rearranging your furniture, re-organizing and cleaning your garage, playing an instrument, writing and sending a postcard, or using a recipe to cook something new, Dr. Leap wanted folks to have one extra day every four years to break out of their mid-winter routines.

On this rare Leap Day, see if you can break out of your wintertime rut by doing some things differently or throwing in some new activities to spice up your life.

Think of Leap Day as a day to do it different. Leap for Life!

Fargo To Vote On Changing To Either A 6-Day Or 8-Day Week

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Do you think it’s time for Fargo to change its time?

Fargo, ND – With the Fargo City Commission starting to run out of things to talk about, people in the FM area will soon have an unexpected opportunity to vote on whether or not Fargo should change from the normal seven 24-hour days to either six 28-hour days or eight 21-hours days.

Proponents of a change say that some people are sick and tired of the old “24 x 7” mentality and are seeking something new.

Autio Batista says: “Having fewer longer days would give people extra time to get more done each day while an increased number of shorter days definitely has some advantages such as easily providing everyone a nice three-day weekend!”

Opponents against altering Fargo’s time framework believe that the city commission has way more impotent things to discuss, such as the diversion, or a diversion to the diversion, or preparing to fight the dreaded zika virus.

If you are in favor of Fargo changing to either six 28-hour days or eight 21-hours days, please strongly voice your opinion at any of the upcoming Fargo City Commission meetings.