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Society Beginning To Show Signs Of Early Dementia Along With Schizophrenia And Bipolarism

The three windows of collective crazy are schizophrenia, bipolarization, and dementia.

Earth, Milky Way – Social experts are now in unanimous agreement that global society in general is showing all the telltale signs of madness.

Dr. Gamela Dowling explains that all the signs are present to evidence the fact that the world’s human population as a whole is tilting toward group sickness.

Dr. Omega Dingwall says that the three-legged stool of a society going crazy is: 1. demographic dementia, 2. social schizophrenia, and 3. behavioral bipolarity.

Doctors Dowling and Dingwall will carefully continue to observe global society for signs of group sickness as should each and every one of us, as we comfortably sit down to uncomfortably watch the local, national, and world news reports documenting the crazy times in which we live.

Crazily, all the letters in both Omega Dingwall and Gamela Dowling re-arrange into: We All Going Mad!

New Test For Dementia Is Highly Conclusive

If you see any movement in this image, you probably have some stage of dementia.

Crazy Horse, SD – There is now a new and very simple test for determining pre-dementia as well as full-blown dementia.

This test which was scientifically developed by the Dementia Interrogative Program (DIP) is highly conclusive for indicating if someone such as yourself may be leaning toward dementia.

How it works: When looking directly at this black and white image, if you are seeing any movement within the inner circle, this indicates pre-dementia.

If you see movement throughout the entire image, you most likely are already suffering from full-blown (and previously undiagnosed) dementia.

After taking this simple test, if you would like to privately discuss the results of your test with a trained professional, please call any phone number and ask to speak directly with Dr. Willy Nilly (and mention promo code “FMO” for a free My Pillow!).

Rolling Stones Latest New Hit: Sympathy For Dementia

'Sympathy For Dementia' being well-received by aging baby boomers.

‘Sympathy For Dementia’ being well-received by aging baby boomers.

Devils Tower, WY – The forever Rolling Stones have once again put forth another song for the ages, or in this case, a song for the aging.

Sympathy For Dementia is their latest new hit song and for many baby boomers who are entering their sunset years, this song hits home with them.

The song has unofficially been dedicated to their dear friend Glen Campbell who was once a member of the original Beach Boys and who now suffers from dementia.

The Rolling Stones will be taking their Sympathy For Dementia show on the road just as they have been doing for the past 55 years.

Stay tuned for tour stop locations as The Fargodome has been mentioned as a possible concert venue.

Missing Cat Found Wrapped Up Under Tree

Here Kitty Kitty!

OMG! Where’s Felix?

Fargo, ND – After their dear sweet cat went missing for two days, the Dumstone family desperately dialed 9-1-1.

Specially trained canine units were brought in to hopefully sniff out the lost feline.

It turns out that Felix was found under the Dumstone’s Christmas tree after it had inadvertently been wrapped up as a present (most likely by Grandpa who arguably has dementia.)

Other than being extremely hungry and starved for affection, Felix was fine since Grandpa had somehow thought to put some high-grade medicinal catnip into the box with the cat.

Moral of the story: If you see any Christmas presents moving around on their own, better cut back on your pills, or ask Grandpa if he remembers doing any gift wrapping.