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New Events Center To Eventually Open In Fargo After It’s Made Somewhat More Inhabitable

The new Hades House Events Center to hopefully open soon for non-formal events.

Fargo, ND – To provide more space for special events in the Fargo area, Hades House is planning on opening its doors after a massive amount of much-needed work is done.

Owner/manager York Glockenstein sees Hades House as a real nice place to have a small to medium sized event, if you’re willing to overlook some potentially serious problems.

Mr. Glockenstein admits that “the floor and the ceiling are in major disrepair and the walls have seen better days,” but he does believe it is fixable.

“Once people have a drink or two, it might not seem quite as bad,” York explains but is certain that a lot of refurbishing must be done to even safely enter the building.

If you would like to reserve the Hades House for a special event, contact York Glockenstein and let him know your possible dates, and also how flexible you are with those dates in case the remodeling project does not go well.

Hip Downtown Fargo Condos With Sheek New ‘Dilapidated’ Exterior Now For Sale

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Fargo, ND – If you’re looking for a cool, new flat in happening Downtown Fargo that’s super hip and trendy, the new high-end condos by Dilapidated Design are hopefully going to sell very quickly.

“Even though the outside has that sheek, new ‘dilapidated look’, the insides are anything but,” says Brigitte Margaux, who manages the expensive property.

Condo prices for the new Dilapidated Design units start at $3.8 million.

If you’re wondering about parking, no worries because Downtown Fargo has plenty of parking (POP). Just make sure you don’t park for more than 90 minutes in any one spot otherwise you’ll get ticketed at best and towed at worst.

To schedule a showing, simply call Brigitte Margaux at Dilapidated Design by dialing 666-6666, and use promotion code: Sheek!