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Try This FMO Family Tradition Whilst Enjoying Your Thanksgiving Day Togetherness

After you tell someone how they can improve, they should just say: Thank You!

Fargo, ND – On this blessed day of Thanksgiving, the FM Observer family would like to share a very old tradition that has been passed down to us from our four-fathers and four-mothers, and from theirs before them.

Whilst gathered round the feast table enjoying all the same old recipes as last year, gradually go around and have each person tell someone else at the table one way that they can improve them self.

To which the only allowable answer is just: Thank You!

And then that person gets to do the same to another, and so on, and so forth. Round and round we go. Where it stops, nobody knows.

The FM Observer truly hopes you try this as a way of not only bringing your family closer together, but also as an overall way of improving society in general, during these trying times of survival on Planet Earth.

Moorhead Couple Spends Valentine’s Evening Together In Jail After Being Arrested For Disrespecting An Officer

Jail runs out of cupcakes on Valentine’s Day.

Moorhead, MN – Trelga and Nevron Broomstad simply wanted to go eat out at one of Moorhead’s finer restaurants on Valentine’s Day and then perhaps head back home to snuggle and maybe watch some reruns of reruns on television.

Unfortunately, on their way home, the Broomstads got pulled over by a Moorhead police officer for having a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on the back of their vehicle.

The two were quickly handcuffed and driven off in the back of an unmarked police van to spend the long night in jail for disrespecting an officer.

Their bumper-stickered car was impounded and trash-compacted into a dense cubic foot of scrap metal and then loaded onto a ship headed to China.

While sitting in separate jail cells, Trelga and Nevron Broomstad were each to be given a Valentine’s Day cupcake along with all the other inmates but there were not quite enough to go around so the two were left with no Valentine’s Day cupcakes but they were allowed to watch some reruns of reruns on the television.

Moral of the story: Select your bumper stickers wisely.

Local 10-year-old Heard Cussing At Dinner Table Denied Ice Cream

Fargo, ND – An area 4th-grader was recently denied the privilege of dessert after his mother overheard him voice his disapproval of dinner. The boy, said by his mother to have been watching an “inappropriate movie” with his father, is alleged to have called dinner “cold and shitty by the time we all sat down to eat”. The mother, upon hearing the child mutter these profanities under his breath, immediately sent the child to his room which, in turn, revoked his privilege of dessert that the rest of the family was able to indulge in. The Observer caught up with the boy to get his side of the story:

“Liver and onions is fucking shitty and I hate it, so…”

The lesson learned here is simple: avoid liver and onions at all costs, even if it costs you dessert.