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Fargo Man Promises If He Wins Lottery Jackpot, He’ll Give Everyone In Fargo One Dollar

If I win, you also will win!

Fargo, ND – In a magnanimous gesture of possible future generosity, a long-time Fargo resident has vowed to give everyone living in Fargo one dollar if and when he wins a lottery jackpot.

Roy Alleen Overdorf in his own words:

I, Roy Alleen Overdorf, do hereby swear on a brand new stack of unread Bibles, that if and when I win a very large multi-million dollar lottery jackpot, I will personally give to each and every living human Fargo resident, one U.S. dollar, so help me God.

As you can imagine, many folks we talked to about this amazing development are obviously hoping and praying that Mr. Overdorf soon wins a lottery jackpot, not so much for his gain, but more so for their own greedy profit.

As you can also probably imagine, all of the letters in Roy Alleen Overdorf can be randomly tumbled into spelling: Dollar For Everyone!

To Show Respect, They’re Leaving Barbara Bush On The One Dollar Bill

First Lady Barbara Bush will happily remain on the one dollar bill until further notice.

Washington, DC – Out of respect for former First Lady Barbara Bush, the Treasury Department has instructed the Federal Reserve to keep her picture on the one dollar bill, as it has been for decades.

As sitting Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin believes we need to stand up and keep honoring former First Lady Barbara Bush by leaving her picture on the dollar bill where she has gracefully been since the Reagan administration.

President Trump, who might have had something to do with this decision, agrees that leaving Barbara Bush on the dollar bill is the right thing to do, while adding: “Someday soon, I would like to see Melania on some of our money, and I think most would agree that would be a really great thing!”

New Dollar Hotel Perfect For Some Budgets

caption here

Bunk for a Buck @ The DoHo

Moorhead, MN – A new budget hotel is coming to the Fargo-Moorhead area.

The Dollar Hotel will offer basic discount luxury.

“Think of the DoHo as the hotel version of the Dollar Store”, said someone.

Each room will smartly come with a single bed.

Also provided will be an alarm clock radio, a Rubik’s cube, some unique art, and an adorable used stuffed animal.

In addition, DoHo guests will have access to a shared bathroom called the Water Closet (just like in Europe).

Looking for a nice little get-a-way? Only have a dollar? Find your way to the Dollar Hotel where their slogan is: Bunk for a Buck!