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Vote For Vivian Nutwrangler Because She Wants What You Want

A vote for Vivian is a vote for sanity.

A vote for Vivian is a vote for sanity. So don’t be crazy. Vote for Vivian!

West Fargo, ND – If you live in, near, or far from District 82, please consider voting for Vivian Nutwrangler.

Vivian is a no-nonsense candidate who is for everything you want. Even more importantly, Vivian Nutwrangler strongly opposes everything you are against.

Vivian knows people. She also know some animals. She has met some people who act like animals.

With a world of experience, Vivian knows what is best for people, animals, and the world.

Vivian Nutwrangler also knows how to get things done. You name it, and Vivian has either done it herself or sub-contracted the job to someone else.

So, on election day, when you go do your patriotic duty and vote, please don’t forget to remember to vote for Vivian Nutwrangler: The most sane person in this crazy world.

Update: You are most certainly invited to join Vivian at her home on election evening to sing and celebrate her election victory by sharing cookies and milk with others who see things the same way you do.

Repetitive Phone Calls Encourage Civic Duty

I would like to publicly give a “thumbs up” and thank those people that made the multitude of repetitive phone calls to remind me to vote. Since I have been living under a rock for about a year, I have had no knowledge of the political television ads. Thanks to all these phone calls, I will remember to exercise my civic duty to get out and vote! In addition, because the rock I was living under was extraordinarily large, I didn’t notice the massive amount of paper in the form of political advertising in my mailbox. Since the rock was hard to move, I got lazy and let my mail pile up. But, thanks to all the phone calls I will now remember to vote! Thanks!!