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‘Noble Sheet’ Newsletter To Keep Everyone Updated, Connected, And In The Loop

Everyone is signing up for the new Noble Sheet Newsletter: The new way to stay connected!

Fargo, ND – Sign up now for the hottest monthly newsletter to hit the region since the Pony Express.

The new Noble Sheet Newsletter will freely be available to everyone for a nominal fee of $120 per year.

Not only will everyone want to sign up for this newsletter, but it may also be mandatory.

The Noble Sheet Company has as its goal to keep everyone in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area up to date on what’s happening along with all the extra information you would expect from a Noble Sheet Newsletter.

Plus, you’re invited to submit content to share with the community.

Things you can expect to find in the monthly Noble Sheet Newsletter include: events, reminders, tips, recipes, scams, news about your friends, who’s in jail, accurate future sports score predictions, and important things that directly affect you.

Unlike other area publications, one additional thing you will pleasantly notice about the Noble Sheet Newsletter: No-Bull Shit!

New Events Center To Eventually Open In Fargo After It’s Made Somewhat More Inhabitable

The new Hades House Events Center to hopefully open soon for non-formal events.

Fargo, ND – To provide more space for special events in the Fargo area, Hades House is planning on opening its doors after a massive amount of much-needed work is done.

Owner/manager York Glockenstein sees Hades House as a real nice place to have a small to medium sized event, if you’re willing to overlook some potentially serious problems.

Mr. Glockenstein admits that “the floor and the ceiling are in major disrepair and the walls have seen better days,” but he does believe it is fixable.

“Once people have a drink or two, it might not seem quite as bad,” York explains but is certain that a lot of refurbishing must be done to even safely enter the building.

If you would like to reserve the Hades House for a special event, contact York Glockenstein and let him know your possible dates, and also how flexible you are with those dates in case the remodeling project does not go well.

Top Ten Things To Do In The Fargo-Moorhead Area This Weekend!

Here is a list of the Top Ten fun things to do in the FM area this weekend!

West Fargo, ND – Are you looking for something fun, new, and different to do this weekend?

Would you like to be where the happening action is at?

Well, once again you’ve come to the right place!

Based on our latest extensive research, here is a convenient synopsis of what’s going on in the greater Fargo Moorhead area this weekend:

☺ Perfume exchange at Alice Gronk’s home
☺ Offensive sign parade (Downtown Fargo)
​☺ All-city Tug-O-War (West Fargo)
☺ Kid’s Learn-How-To-Gamble Day (Horse Park)
☺ Annual mosquito count (Moorhead)
​☺ Reading of the Mueller Report (Fargo Library)
☺ Senior citizen Hide-n-Seek (Sabin)
☺ Paintball War competition (Island Park)
☺ Children’s self-defense against Catholic priests (YMCA)
☺ 24-hour Treasure Hunt (Fargo Landfill)

Local Moms Gather For Nappy Hour

imagesMoms from across the area are gathering today at 2 pm for the first ever Nappy Hour. This event consists of one hour in which moms come to take a nap. They are encouraged to bring a blanket, their pajamas, a mat, or whatever will help them get some sleep. Childcare is provided free of charge if you know someone who will provide it. The first Nappy Hour will be held today at Starbucks, corner of 7th St and 3rd Ave. Each month it will be held at a different venue.

Beatrice Witty, founder of Nappy Hour, says “I started Nappy Hour because moms are exhausted. Sometimes moms just want a mid-day nap too. And, moms are looking for excitement so I thought a different spot each month would help to encourage this. Each mom also gets their own choice of candy bar, so no need to sneak from their kids anymore.”

The next Nappy Hour is scheduled for February 3rd at the popular wine bar, The Vine. Moms are encouraged to stay after their nap for Happy Hour and can remain in their pajamas if preferred.

May is National Awareness Month In Fargo

b0a0a79a60472f47cff7e9d584bea7ebf47ecc3417e8f031520eef2abfbc451eFargo, ND—Do you or your loved ones suffer from a serious lack of awareness? Research shows that literally billions of Americans are completely unaware. The good news? There is help.

You must be wondering, “What can I do to raise awareness of awareness for Awareness®?” National Awareness Month (NAM) is a chance for everyone to raise awareness in their city. 

The community of Fargo-Moorhead in conjunction with the FM Observer is staging a handful of fun live events to help promote Awareness® awareness during the month of May:

  • NAM 5K Run/Walk7pm Saturday, May 3rd, starting at Dike North. Fargo’s first annual National Awareness Month 5K run/walk, sponsored by the FM Observer! Join us for a non-competitive foot race as we run, walk…hell, you can even crawl to raise Awareness®. $300 entry fee; $200 apiece if you bring a friend. Go to fmobserver.com/NAM5K to register. All proceeds go to FM Observer in support of Awareness®.public_awaren
  • MUSKRAT ORGY concert at Pete’s Panic Bunker, 7pm May 10th. $150 cover charge; free Awareness® headbands to be handed out at the door. All monetary proceeds go to FM Observer on behalf of Awareness®.
  • Men’s Class B National Tiddlywinks Tournament, weekend of May 18th-20th at Expressway Inn Convention Center. Come watch the B-league pros wink their tiddlies! The FM Observer and Awareness® representatives will be on hand to promote the state or condition of being aware. Come see us at the booth!
  • NAM Silent Auction/Bake Sale, 6pm May 29th at Fargo Legion Post 498 banquet room. Free-will monetary donations accepted at the door for our silent auction and homemade baked goods sale. We will be auctioning off a plethora of perceptive items. FM Observer staff will provide cupcakes! Contact us at fmobserver@gmail.com if you have an item you’d like to donate. Proceeds go to FM Observer solely for the promotion of–you guessed it–Awareness®. Get conscious with us!

We hope you’ll join us this month in the fight for Awareness®.

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Time Traveler To Speak In Fargo 14 Months Ago

Who am I?

What year is it?

Fargo, ND – Time traveler Vern Milton will be giving a talk on time travel on Wednesday, November 21, 2012. This informal gathering in the NDSU Student Union lounge will be Vern’s personal thoughts on what it’s like to be a bona fide time traveler. His must-hear lecture will then be followed by an extensive Question & Answer period. Free hot coffee and powdered donuts will be served by the Physics Department.

If you have any questions for Mr. Milton about time travel, please be sure to jot them down and attend this special happening. Vern said that he did the same event, at the same venue, back in 1956 and 1975 where he had good exchanges of thoughts on this subject with some very interested students from the region. He admitted: “The people I spoke with in 1975 were quite a bit more open-minded about time traveling than back in ’56.”

Since he has seen it all before, here are some of the questions Vern answered back during his previous visits to Fargo:

Q: Being a time traveler, do you have any words of wisdom for us?
A: Yes. If you have something you need to get done, don’t wait until tomorrow to do it.

Q: Are you married, and if so, how does your wife feel about all this?
A: Well, I’ve gotten married a number of times…all to the same woman. She always seems happy to see me again.

Q: Do you have any control over your time travel?
A: About as much control as you do over the stock market.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the future?
A: No, not much, because that might alter the future. But I can tell you that North Dakota continues to do very well!