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Next Fargo Air Show Promises Some Amazing Never-Seen-Before Acts

One amazing act involves jets flying in opposite directions but sharing the same smoke trail!

Fargo, ND – The upcoming Fargo Air Show has somehow put together fifteen new acts and entertainment for people who think they’ve seen everything.

Yo, you ain’t seen nothing like this year’s line-up of aerial grande entertainment!

Here is a “summerized” listing of fifteen reasons why you should not miss this next Fargo Air Show:

The Flying Nuns
Giant Space Cannon
Phone Drone juggling
Stealth bomber rides
Mega G-Force Stimulator
Mach Four demonstrations
Jet Pack Races for all ages
Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel flyover
Meet & Greet some NASA monkeys
Cloud Seeding by the Rainmakers
Princess Layla’s Star Wars ship
Opposite-direction jet smoke trails
Wright Brothers 1st flight re-enactment
Trained Bald Eagles flying in formations
Vertical hot air balloon rides to stratosphere

Fargo Police Give Blue Angels Speeding Ticket

How fast is too fast?

How fast is too fast?

Fargo, ND – Just as there are speed limits on the ground, a Blue Angels pilot just discovered that there are also speed limits over the city of Fargo.

Blue Angels pilot Bucky Houston found this out the hard way when our local police pulled his speeding jet over for a not-so-routine traffic violation.

Clocked going a mere 765 miles per hour, this Blue Angel will have to pay a hefty fine after almost breaking the sound barrier and shattering the windows of the police car.

The Blue Angels will once again be doing their thing for the Fargo Airshow but hopefully at speeds that don’t land them in more hot water.