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Baseball-Sized Mosquitoes Now Fargo’s Second Pandemic

Carry a baseball bat to “deal with” baseball-sized mosquitoes!

Fargo, North Dakota – Planning any outdoor activities? Better bring a baseball bat!

Experts agree that this summer’s rainy pattern has been ideal for the formation of a bumper crop of unusually large mosquitoes.

Our Dr. Goombi Quist admits that “some of the mosquitoes in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area are so large that they don’t fit into the mosquito collection traps used by Vector Control.”

While citronella candles are flying off the shelves in a minimal effort to deal with the needle-nosed menaces, so too are baseball bats.

Dr. Quist reminds folks to make sure you don’t accidentally hit grandma in the head when madly swinging a baseball bat to kill a killer mosquito.

Naturally, all of the letters in Goombi Quist can be re-arranged to spell: Big Mosquito!

Local Service Clubs Helping To Make Snow Forts For The Homeless

The Snow Forts For The Homeless program is a winter win/win!

Fargo, ND – All of the service clubs in the Fargo-Moorhead area are joining forces to help the homeless during the cold winter months.

Dr. Whit Emerson, who is currently serving as president of the Friendly Raccoons service club, suggested the idea of building snow forts for the homeless to his friend Mister Howen.

These two remarkable men have now consolidated the collective energy of all the service clubs in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area with the single goal of providing each and every one of the area’s homeless population with a home, at least until Spring when they melt.

Amazingly, all of the letters in both Whit Emerson and Mister Howen can be re-arranged to spell: Winter Homes!

Dolphins Being Introduced To Fargo-Moorhead Area Hotel Swimming Pools

Jump in and swim with us!

Fargo, ND – Most of the hotels in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area will soon be adding a pair of breeding dolphins to their swimming pools.

The idea came about when Mr. Hodell Shipton, who works as a concierge at the Bed Bug Inn, went on his winter vacation.

“After swimming with dolphins down in Florida, I brought the idea back to our hotel where I work,” said Mr. Shipton.

After a few managerial meetings to discuss the idea, we decided to do it “just for the halibut!”

Now, all hotels in the FM area that currently have swimming pools, will be following suit with the Bed Bug Inn.

Ironically, all the letters in Hodell Shipton can be re-arranged to spell: Hotel Dolphins!

Selling Stolen Pets Becoming Big Business

Your little Trixy could be sold multiple times at underground pet auctions.

Fargo, ND – More and more people in the Fargo-Moorhead area are having their pets stolen. If this isn’t bad enough, these pets are then sold multiple times at underground pet auctions, sometimes while having to wear funny costumes.

The Sheriff’s office says some of the “bad people” are claiming lost pets, getting them from the humane society, or just stealing them from running unlocked cars or out of fenced back yards.

We were able to witness an underground pet auction while wearing a Donald Trump mask. At this auction we saw one small Shih-Tzu originally named Trixy sold as Biscuits for $100, then again by that buyer as Bingo for $200, and then again by that buyer as Flex for $350.

Apparently during winter months, after a dog or cat is stolen, they are then quickly transported through a series of snow tunnels. The problem is getting so bad that some people are hiring guard dogs to protect their pets, but those too are getting stolen.

We asked the Sheriff and one of his deputies what the answer is to this pervasive problem? Their answer was, at least during the winter months, to not allow systems of snow tunnels to be built within city limits.

When learning about how wide-spread the problem is, the astounding number of pets being stolen shocked the Sheriff, but did not shock the deputy.

Fargo Flocks To Car Washes Before Return Of Dreaded Polar Vortex

Long lines expected at every car wash in the FM area in effort to beat the return of Global Cooling.

Fargo, ND – In a community-wide frenzied effort to get all cars washed prior to the return of Algore’s Polar Vortex, every car wash is expecting a record-breaking day.

Lines into car washes could be so long that police may have to direct traffic while managing road rage caused by people trying to bud in line.

After such a long streak of freakily cold weather, nearly every vehicle in the greater FM area is dirtier than Harvey Weinstein’s office.

“Yah, people around here like to keep their cars real clean, so there’s that then, plus, it’s just kind of a fun thing to do, in order to get out of the house, cuz ya can’t watch Judge Judy all day, don’t-cha know?” explains Ernie Flapwood, an FM-Observer consultant, who likes free coffee, and has an opinion about pretty much everything.

FMO’s Award-Winning List Of Things To Do During The Holiday Season

Ho Ho Holidays! Enjoy our list of fun things to do with those who love you.

North Pole, ND – We are very proud to present FMO’s award-winning list of fun, helpful, creative, and productive things to do during the sometimes-stressful Christmas holiday season.

When the days are short and the nights are long, tis fun to play a game or perhaps sing a song.

Each of the following ideas of fun things to do during The Holidaze is a clickable hyperlink in case you want more information on that subject.

Items on this award-winning and comprehensive list are presented in no particular order and are a 100% free service to our beloved readers, at no charge to you (other than the normal monthly “Zuckerberg” service fee that we already automatically take out of your FMO account).

Buy some Hatchimals for a fun Christmas surprise.
Decorate by wrapping framed pictures.
Bake home-made cookies to use as real money.
Play the new hit game called Add-On Swear Word.
Have an eggnog drinking contest.
Start working on your New Years Resolutions!
Light a special candle for World Peace.
Take time to review your own personal Bucket List.
Write your own wrap song and wrap it to a steady beat.
Get outdoors by playing some winter paintball.
Write and send a letter to Santa.
Learn how to make a quilt.
Engage in some kangaroo boxing.
Take the family to McDonald’s to try their two newest sandwiches.
Get out and take in some local singing groups.
Order a drone-delivered pizza.
Take the entire family to go bowling!
Check out Moorhead’s famous haunted house.
Attend an alternative church service.
Play the bean bag toss game indoors.
Take in one of the many free church organ concerts.
Go downhill skiing at Detroit Mountain.
Check out the UFOs in the Sabin area.
Go get a free burger during the midnight hour.
Check out the new animals at the local zoo.
Attend the Parade of Hoarder Homes.
Read “Toxic Santa’s Revenge” out-loud to your whole family.
Sign up for FMO’s world tour.
Order Heineken delivered directly to your front door.
Win a free robot!
Consider joining PolyPax and turn your life around.
Join a community bongo band.
Take your loved ones out for all-you-can-eat pancakes.
Take a ride with Uber Jet.
Host your own Bitch Fest 3000 event!
Check yourself. Take our Sanity Test.
Visit a real upside-down house!
Try mushroom therapy with your pets.
Make sure all your shots are up-to-date.
Avoid a possible DUI by riding on the free Party Bus.
Learn how to play banjo from the best.
Make some easy money by starting a Cricket Farm.
Practice up for Fargo’s new Ping Pong teams.
Have fabulous family fun at Fargo’s new theme park.
Write some 5-7-5 syllable Haiku poems.
Gather money from penny trays for the homeless.
Take an indoor golf lesson from our pro Wade Lancer.
Try an new downtown restaurant which we recently reviewed for you.
Get a family photo professionally taken in downtown Moorhead.
Suggest the idea of having your very own snack-a-thon.
Help police look for the person who stole the Roger Maris memorabilia.
Request a free beer at any participating establishment.
Enjoy listening to The Rolling Stones new CD: Sympathy For Dementia
Gather round and play the new game: What Is A Leppo?
Visit the public library and listen to the visiting Stephen King read a book.
Visit our FMO headquarters for a Meet-and-Greet with Carson Wentz.
Check out all the classes offered at the area’s new Meta-University.
Go play Whack-A-Mole!
Win free tickets here to see Norway’s version of Madonna!
Check out upcoming destinations of the Gawk Tour Bus.
Send this free online Christmas card to anyone with whom you share love.

Some FM Area Businesses Allowing Use Of Cookies As Fungible Barter Tool

Some Fargo-Moorhead businesses accepting cookies as money.

Some FM businesses accepting cookies as money.

Fargo, ND – During the holiday season, some Fargo-Moorhead businesses will be accepting cookies as payment for goods and services for amounts less than $10.

“We here at the R.R.C.C. believe that barter in the form of fungible cookies is alive and well in the FM area,” says Dr. Drake Duckson who is president of the Red River Commerce Commission.

For most local businesses and services that are not part of a national chain, two large home-made cookies equal one dollar. Any other type of cookie would need four for a dollar’s worth of goods and services.

Dr. Duckson: “This allowable form of barter shall be in effect in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area until January 2. After that date, a cookie will just be a cookie.”

Some people are already thinking of using cookies to pay for Uber rides, restaurant tips, and even a drive through the Holiday Lights in Lindenwood Park.

Another creative idea was sent in by Mr. Snarv Barshangler who has even tried using cookies as gratuities for stage dancers at the Northern Gentlemen’s Club.

Merry Cookies from the Red River Commerce Commission! :o^

Lutheran Social Services Bringing In Many Mice From MN Lakes Area Due To Lack Of Acorns There

Perhaps only an audit will reveal how many mice are being brought into town.

Perhaps only an audit will reveal how many mice are being brought into town.

Fargo, ND – In what many see as compassionate humanitarian assistance, Lutheran Social Services of Fargo has been bringing unknown numbers of mice from the Minnesota lakes area into the Fargo area to be resettled here.

A dearth of acorns in Minnesota due to some harmful climate change last Spring is leaving the mouse population scrambling to find food as winter inexorably approaches.

Some others are questioning if and how many mice Lutheran Social Services should be bringing into the Fargo-Moorhead area.

When we asked a random, anonymous homeless person what he thought about it, this is what he said: “Organizations like LSS exist for the very reason to assist anyone who perhaps needs help escaping dire circumstances such as lack of food and shelter.”

But now, instead of lake home owners finding mice in their Minnesota cabin’s drawers and cupboards, they’re seeing evidence of them in their Fargo homes and work places.

Hopefully the Fargo City Commission can get to the bottom of this situation by doing an investigative probe into the numbers involved here after they have a chance to examine, assess, evaluate, review, and scrutinize all parties connected to the mouse migration analysis.

Amnesia Support Group Forgets When And Where To Meet

Fargo-Moorhead Amnesia Suuport Group

Fargo-Moorhead Amnesia Support Group

Moorhead, MN – The good news is that the Fargo-Moorhead area does have a special support group just for people suffering from amnesia.

The bad news is that the group has never actually met because no one has ever shown up for a meeting.

The Amnesia Support Group’s leader is supposedly Dr. Opie Sugarman but he himself has also never shown up for a meeting.

Dr. Sugarman ponders: “We are very excited for our Amnesia Support Group to finally getogether and meet for coffee and general group support since amnesia can be so very problematical for our group members who suffer from various amnesial symptoms.”

If you would like to attend the FM Amnesia Support Group’s next meeting, simply look at any listing of the local support groups that meet in our area. Just to be safe, jot down on your calendar the date, time, and place of the next meeting and try not to forget to check your calendar on a daily basis to see what you might be missing. Cookies of any kind are also very welcome!  :o]

Valuable Valentine’s Day Mobiles Cleverly Hidden Throughout Fargo-Moorhead Area

caption hier

This stunningly beautiful mobile by Amsterdam Douglass has an estimated worth of $100,000

West Fargo, ND – As a special Valentine’s Day treat for our readers, the FM Observer’s local resident artist has offered up some extra exciting fun.

Amsterdam Douglass is his name, and mobiles are his latest game.

Our long-time friend and seriously famous artist, Amsterdam Douglass, has created ten Valentine’s Day mobiles (each worth an estimated $100,000) and has also cleverly hidden them throughout the greater Fargo-Moorhead area.

Let us know if you find one of these beautiful Valentine’s Day mobiles created especially for you by Amsterdam Douglass.

We would like to have a picture taken of all the winners holding their mobiles.

So, good luck mobile hunting on this lovely Spring day, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the FM Observer, your most trusted source of satirical fake news.