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Fargo Man Demonstrates How To Levitate Using Advanced Meditation Techniques

Do not try this at home unless you are accompanied by a trained Transcendental Meditator.

Fargo, ND – If you believe in levitation but have never actually witnessed it, or if you would have to see it in order to believe it, then you’re in luck.

Tony Vedic, who grew up in Levita, Texas but who now calls Fargo home, not only can levitate with the best of them, but is willing to put on levitational demonstrational show in his Downtown Fargo apartment for a nominal fee.

As a highly trained Transcendental Meditator known as a Sidha, Tony Vedic has more than mastered the art of Yogic Flying.

Tony in his own words: “I joined the Sidhi Program to become a Sidha which is where I learned how to levitate. By experiencing pure consciousness, a blissful inner freedom manifests itself outwardly in the form of levitation.”

If you would like to experience levitaion first hand, simply contact Tony Vedic to reserve your seat at an upcoming Levitation Demonstration. A mandatory voluntary entry fee of $25 will go to help Tony buy groceries and beer as well as some dogfood for his dog, Biscuits, who can also levitate (for a nominal fee).

Fargo Boy Holding Helium Balloons Now Somewhere Over Michigan

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Parents: “If only he would have let go right away, maby we wouldn’t have lost our baby.”

(Somewhere over) Flint, Michigan – While playing with a bunch of helium balloons in the backyard, seven year old Tommy Sauerson decided to grab “just a few more”.

As the second-grader from Fargo’s Heritage Lower Skool began to lift off the ground, his parents were too busy making videos of Tommy with their smartphones to realize what was going on before it was too late.

By the time Tommy’s parents started to yell instructions to let go of the balloons, Tommy was already higher than their weeping willow tree.

Military radar has been tracking Tommy, who was last seen still holding onto his bunch of balloons, somewhere over Flint, Michigan.

Mrs. Sauerson rapped: “It all happened so fast. Now it’s in the past. How long will this last?”

Aesop’s moral to the story: You’ll lose touch with your kids if they start getting high at too early of an age.