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Hip Downtown Fargo Condos With Sheek New ‘Dilapidated’ Exterior Now For Sale

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Fargo, ND – If you’re looking for a cool, new flat in happening Downtown Fargo that’s super hip and trendy, the new high-end condos by Dilapidated Design are hopefully going to sell very quickly.

“Even though the outside has that sheek, new ‘dilapidated look’, the insides are anything but,” says Brigitte Margaux, who manages the expensive property.

Condo prices for the new Dilapidated Design units start at $3.8 million.

If you’re wondering about parking, no worries because Downtown Fargo has plenty of parking (POP). Just make sure you don’t park for more than 90 minutes in any one spot otherwise you’ll get ticketed at best and towed at worst.

To schedule a showing, simply call Brigitte Margaux at Dilapidated Design by dialing 666-6666, and use promotion code: Sheek!

Lots Now Being Sold Around West Fargo Lagoon

Artist’s drawing of how the West Fargo Lagoon is expected to look in twenty years.

West Fargo, ND – What are expected to be beautiful lots someday, are being sold today around the West Fargo lagoon.

Imagine yourself cruising around this future West Fargo lake in your brand new pontoon.

This former sewage lagoon will soon be home to a loon and perhaps a raccoon.

They say it will eventually smell as fresh as a day in June, perhaps more so during a full moon rather than at high noon.

But the advantages of living in an upscale lagoon commune just North of town is it’s walking distance to the West Fargo saloon.

If you think you’d be immune to living on a former lagoon, simply contact the tycoon whose office is under a balloon.

Valuable Items For Sale At Inflated Prices

Call now and use promo code JUNK-17.

Junks, Louisiana – Our new retail affiliate Xing Xang Collectibles has now bargained-priced all remaining items for immediate liquidation.

Since all collectible items must be sold, take half off the already half off prices and then reduce that by another astounding 50%!

These items are guaranteed to be one of kind with less than a million produced in nondescript industrial park factories that have no windows nor exits.

You deserve the best as do all the people waiting to receive a nice gift from you.

Call now and ask for the Xing Xang bonus gift-of-the-day with any gift pack order!

FMO’s Public Service Announcements For The Weeks Of February 8-22

Contact FMO’s PSA Department if you have something to add to our next PSA listing.

West Fargo, ND – Here are your Public Service Announcements from the FM Observer for the weeks of February 8 to February 22 in order of first to last:

☺Nome Fletcher would like to challenge anyone to fight him in his garage. Nome is suffering from Hypofightroid Disease and finds that physical pummelling tends to calm him down over time.

☺Dr. Pat Markus who has been studying how to hypnotize people will be doing a free workshop on how to start smoking cigarettes. Dr. Markus asks all interested guinea pigs to show up at the school gym and please remember to bring some smokes and a lighter.

☺Mildred Hazlitt needs someone to help her re-organize her kitchen cupboards. She thinks there might be some out-dated items in the hard-to-reach back areas which maybe haven’t been touched since 1951.

☺Stumpy Elsdorf is wondering if anyone would lend him a gun for the weekend. Stumpy has some unfinished business to attend to and promises to return the gun if he is still alive on Monday.

☺The Noxmeyer family needs a clown to show up at little Tommy’s birthday party which will be held at Chuck-E-Cheese on Wednesday at 4PM. Since little Tommy is quite afraid of clowns after going to the circus, the Noxmeyers are asking for no funny business.

☺Judd Cluff found an old collection of used Halloween masks in his attic and is willing to sell them for almost nothing so he can buy himself a new dog after Wuffer died of boredom.

☺Connie Weltan is trying to plan her wedding but cannot get any firm commitments to be bridesmaids for the ceremony. If you would like to be in Connie’s wedding party, please show up for the rehearsal on Thursday afternoon at the church right after the Judge Judy Show is over.

☺Konrad Butner will be auctioning off a King James Bible which is believed to have been autographed by King James himself. The silent auction will take place in Konrad’s living room. Please bring a non-perishable food item for Konrad’s kitchen and remember to be quiet.

☺Jevon Rydzynski will be giving away his favorite ant farm since his potential girl friend says she won’t enter his apartment until he “gets rid of the damn thing”.

☺The Friendship Circle Of Hope will be hosting a Nihilism Support Group for those who have nothing going on in their lives and who also believe that nothing plus nothing equals nothing.