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Dear Dr. Finance: Is This A Good Time To Buy Gold?

Dr. Finance has almost completely filled the FMO corporate break room with gold bars.

West Fargo, ND We recently received a question for our very own Dr. Finance from a Mr. Don Salberg.

Mr. Salberg writes: Dear Dr. Finance, Is this a good time to buy gold?

Dear Don: Yes it is! As the chief financial officer for the FM Observer Corporation, I have green-lighted the buying of gold bars for some time now.

If you buy on a regular basis like we have been doing, you will be able to dollar-cost-average your way into the gold market.

With gold at about $1,200 per ounce, this does seem to be a favorable time to purchase gold.

The FM Observer break room is now almost completely full of pallets of gold bars, and we plan on buying more until there is no more room.

Ironically, all the letters in Don Salberg can be electroplated to spell: Golden Bars!

Fargo Family Finds Gold Bars Inside Walls Of Their Newly Purchased Older Home

Walls filled with gold bars found in North Fargo home.

Fargo, ND After purchasing an older home in North Fargo for about $240,000, Mr. Dell Glawson and his dear wife Goldie decided to remodel their older home by knocking out a few of the main floor walls.

In going for that more “open-concept” look, two of the old walls dividing the kitchen and living room had to be removed, which they chose to do themselves.

What Mr. Dell Glawson and his lovely wife Goldie soon discovered inside their walls was shiny gold bars stacked from floor to ceiling.

Based on the current price of gold, it is estimated that the gold they found in their walls is worth about $24 million dollars, or almost exactly 100 times more than the purchase price of their older home.

Ironically, Goldie’s Chinese fortune cookie the night before their big discovery predicted: “Mega-wealth will soon come a-knocking.”

Double ironically, all of the letters in Dell Glawson can be remodeled to spell: Golden Walls!

Funny Looking Man Finds Bar Of Gold In Red River

Discovery could lead to Gold Frenzy.

Discovery could lead to Gold Frenzy.

Fargo, ND – A funny looking man named Sid Bingsted found a large bar of gold on the banks of the Red River near Fargo, ND.

Mister Bingsted believes that it could be worth a lot of money based upon its girth-size.

He reflected, “Yah, I tell ya what, I found it just sittin’ down there by the river, don’t-cha-know? We was both sittin’ down there half-covered in mud!”

Buzz Redling has been investigating this golden story. Buzz says authorities secretly fear a mass influx of people from Williston coming down to the Fargo-Moorhead area if this story ever gets out.

Buzz confides: “My wife thinks this bar of gold deal could really cause a serious Gold Frenzy, not unlike the one back in ’88. And I tend to agree with my wife on this one.”

Police don’t know what to think of it. Where did the gold bar come from? How could they ever figure out who it belonged to? What to do next?

In the meantime, lucky Mister Bingsted is trying to decide what to do with his solid gold bar.

Friends are telling him to cash it in and buy a nice new bike.

But Sid has other ideas: “Yah, I might just go and hide it in the mud down by the river like I did last time, while I maybe go and look for another one!”