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Merge Fargo North High With Fargo South High To Make: Fargo Mega-High School

Merging Fargo North High and Fargo South High into Fargo Mega-High School!

Fargo Central, ND – While some change orgs are petitioning to merge South and North Dakotas into one MegaKota, others believe it’s time to merge Fargo’s two original high schools back together again.

The person petitioning for this change is Maga Gehrig-Hof: “So yeah, we think this is just really a great idea, and we are hoping it like grows wings, and begins to fly, like really high into the sky?”

Ironically, Maga’s grand-parents attended the old Fargo Central High School which was sadly split into bi-polar North and South twins.

Double ironically, all of the letters in Maga Gehrig-Hof can somehow be re-arranged to spell: Fargo Mega High!

FMObserver Soon To Open University Dedicated To Teaching Fake News

West Fargo, ND – A dream of our FMO Founding Fathers will soon come to pass: Having our very own university entirely focused on teaching every asspect of Fake News.

What began as a basic remote summer camp with a few tents will soon proudly be a full-scale university with doors, toilets and even a secretary or two.

FMO University will be the first fully accredited school in the USA offering undergraduate and overgraduate degrees in fake news, satire, creative writing, writing therapy, libel, and humor. Students can focus on one area of study or any combination therein/thereof.

Doctor Jock Livingstone: “As Dean of the FMObserver Univershity, I’m so very proud to represent the future of Fake News for generations to come, as mankind travels down the pathology to its own destiny in the iClouds. You can bet your sweet bippy that this wonderful school of higher learning will be attended by my kids, their kids, and their kids’ kids, and so on and so forth, so help me God.”

Led Zeppelin To Play For Giant Prom Dance At The Fargodome

All F-M area high skools to celebrate prom together dancing to the tunes of Led Zeppelin.

All F-M area high skools to celebrate prom together dancing to the tunes of Led Zeppelin.

Fargo, ND – Fargodome officials were very excited to announce that Led Zeppelin will perform for an all-high school prom this Spring.

The event coordinator, Ms. Ann Arky puts it this way: “Instead of many small little baby proms each dancing to Barry Manilow CDs, we decided to have all the high schools come together and jointly dance to live music by the band Led Zeppelin.”

Here are some student reactions to this big announcement:

Richard Lucas from Fargo South: “I’ve never heard of Led Zeppelin but I like the idea of all the high schools having one big prom.”

Alissa Dexter from Shanley shared this with us: “I’m thinking this is going to be the best prom ever!

Clark Coburn of Fargo Davies High School: “I love Led Zeppelin! Maybe the prom theme will be Stairway To Heaven!

“Creepiest Adult Ever” Award Given To Leering Gym Instructor

Screenshot_2014-07-30-08-22-36West Fargo, ND—With just a week of classes in the books, West Fargo High School students have already begun recognizing their staff.

According to an online poll compiled by a number of Instagram users, school gym teacher Bwayne MacMinnus has won the unofficial Creepiest Adult Ever award. A Hefe-filtered Instagram photo of MacMinnus garnered the most ‘likes’, earning him this distinct honor.

Students and faculty alike participated in the online poll, with the photo shown at left obtaining over 1,000 likes.

“The way he looks at you, I like, really get creeped out, like, every day during PE,” said one high school junior, who wished to remain anonymous.

“We’re all pretty sure Mr. MacMinnus is autistic or just weird. Or both?” said West Fargo senior Triel Juptack.

High School Principal Cermin Troivaxler also participated in the online poll. He feels that MacMinnus was an easy choice. “Bwayne keeps to himself in the teacher’s lounge. He usually just stands there peering at other staff members. The rest of the faculty tends to worry about him, but damn if he doesn’t keep those kids in line.”

MacMinnus beat out the English teacher with the lazy eye by a commanding margin. Congratulations, Bwayne!