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Man Claims He Simply Forgot To Get Dressed After Walking Into His Workplace Naked

Naked man forced to wear orange jumpsuit during preliminary court hearing.

Fargo, ND – Terando Kwak got quickly arrested after walking into his place of employment totally stark naked on Monday.

Terando tried explaining to police officers that he simply forgot to get dressed that morning as he had “a lot on his mind”.

Interestingly, Mr. Kwak has a long history of attending area events naked.

He once walked into a NDSU Bison football game at the Fargodome with nothing on except for his birthday suit.

His pastor reports that Terando often sits in church on Sunday mornings only holding a coffee cup.

Police officially booked the kwakster on one count of indecent exposure and have scheduled him for a full mental evaluation at which he must wear at least some overalls.

Ironically, all of the letters in Terando Kwak can somehow be re-arranged to spell: Naked At Work!

The Asian Nudist Ninja

West Fargo Police Searching For Elusive Asian Nudist

West Fargo, ND – One small Asian man is causing quite the ruckus in our growing city of West Fargo, North Dakota and people have started to call the police.

The West Fargo Police Department have stated that they are looking for a nude man who has been showing up all over town.  Several people have called the police department in the last couple months about the nudist running through fields, random backyards, and in one instance, going down slides at random city parks.  Ouch.  That has to hurt.

Officers have had absolutely no luck finding him and have no idea who this man is.  He is simply too elusive.  I would like to name him “The Asian Nudist Ninja” if that is ok?

Police will continue to look for this individual but would like to state that since Asians have such small penises, it is very hard to arrest The Asian Nudist Ninja with indecent exposure because he technically isn’t “exposing” anything.

Please keep an eye out.  If you see a nude man running wildly through your back yard, jumping fences like a gazelle, you are asked to please call the West Fargo Police Department.