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Indian Summer Celebrated By Many Even Though It’s No Longer Politically Correct

Indian Summer is one last chance to enjoy summer and prepare for winter.

Summerset, SD – It’s what many in our area have long been waiting and hoping for, and now it’s finally arriving: Indian Summer!

For any employed workers who are lucky enough to have some extra vacation days, it’s a chance to get some final sun on one’s face while perhaps sipping an adult beverage out on the deck.

After we’ve already had a killing frost (and a winter storm), it’s one final time to breathe the last of the warm summer air before heading into the long and dark cold winter months.

The old politically incorrect name for it is Indian Summer while the new hip PC term is now Global Warming.

Indian Summer originally got its name from an old 1919 song by Victor Herbert which helped remind the Indians to get out and add some extra layers of warmth to the outside of their teepees while doing their good-bye dance to summer and happily celebrating a temporary postponement of winter.

Today, it’s more of a chance to tidy up the hoses, get down the snow shovels, put up your Christmas lights, and for street crews to quickly finish up all those road construction projects.

Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold Reservation

The Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold Reservation Setting Up a Highway Patrol Unit.

New Town, ND – The Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold Reservation are setting up a highway patrol unit.  It has come to the FM Observers attention that 4 horses, 4 spears, and 4 tomahawks were ordered in.  The Three Affiliated Tribes were last seen making feathered head wear and vests made out of freshly killed buffalo.  Are they really just implementing a highway patrol or is this part of a larger conspiracy?