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covering ears

Stop Yelling At Me

covering earsWhat is it with all the commercials these days.  In everyone they seem to be yelling at me or acting in threatening manors  What did I do?  Why do I deserve to be yelled at?  Do they not know that the volume increases when these commercials come on so there is no need to yell?  You are already annoying enough.

For example.  Watch the video below.  He isn’t really yelling, but the manor in which he acts is kind of threatening.  Meaning, if I don’t choose this school to learn to become a motorcycle mechanic, he will probably personally show up on my house with a bat, ready to kick my ass.



Here is another example.  Anthony Sullivan likes to yell…….a lot.  Why is he yelling at me?  It’s just a fucking grater plater!  Stop yelling at me about it.


Now, I do have a hypothesis of how these came to be.  It is quite possible, Macho Man Randy Savage’s fault.  Ok Randy, I’ll buy a Slim Jim, but only because you’re yelling.


So, I’d like to use the FM Observer as a communications medium in order to communicate to you commercial people to stop yelling at me.  It’s pointless, aggravating, and stupid.  So stop it.