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Arby’s Rated “Best Place To Work” In Fargo.

Fargo, ND – Arby’s located at 1415 42nd ST S. Fargo, ND has been voted “Best Place To Work” after a recent poll was conducted on employees around the city.  Arby’s motto “It’s Good Mood Food” seems to ring true in this glorious place of employment.  When we entered the establishment for interviews we were greeted with not happy employees but jubilant employees apparently on cloud nine.  We asked Janet why this was the best place to work, “You’re beautiful did you know that?  You are great.  We haven’t seen the likes of you ’round these parts in a long time.  You have a great smile.  I love you.”

We were certainly taken back by such nice hospitality and didn’t really know how to respond.  We ended up slowly backing out the same way we came in and ran to our cars.  “Good Mood Food” is truly an accurate motto.