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FMO Considering Starting Our Own Line Of Wedding Anniversary Cards

Getting married is a big milestone. Staying married is a major miracle!

West Fargo, ND – As promised, your FM Observer is seriously pondering coming out of the closet with our own line of wedding anniversary cards.

We’ll make our final decision whether or not to do so based on your feedback. If you like our card ideas, we’ll probably launch the venture. If you don’t like our anniversary card ideas, then we’ll launch for sure – probably even with a big launch party!

♥ Your face is still my favorite face, except for my facebook page.

♥ Every time I do our laundry I discover new things about you.

♥ Happy Anniversary, Baby! I love you more than I did a year ago.

♥ I love everything about you, except for the things that really bother me.

♥ Even though you sometimes have a funny way of showing it, I know you still love me.

♥ Here’s 2 another year of being married 2 each other: I 2 you, you 2 me, K I S S I N G :o^

♥ I know it’s been a long tough year, but hopefully it will get a lot easier…for both of us.

♥ I know some things I do really bug you, but please don’t flush me from the toilet of your heart.

♥ Except for buying a dog, marrying you was the smartest thing I have ever done in my entire life!

♥ One year ago today, you made me the happiest person on earth, and I still kind of feel the same way.

♥ God gave you to me to be my love partner. Hopefully you and God feel the same way about me for you.

♥ Since we’ve now been married for another full year, let’s celebrate by getting drunk for one full week!

♥ I’m so lucky to have you to take care of me. Thanks for putting up with me during this last long year. Sorry!

♥ I still remember the way my heart leaped when you got down on your knee and asked me to be your spousemate. Thanks!

♥ This last year has been 365 days long. I’m so glad our marriage has somehow survived each and every day…and night.

♥ I never dreamed that loving you could bring so much love into my loveless heart of hearts until (and since) we got married by love.

♥ Amazingly, after getting to know you better over this last year, you are seriously quite amazing. Jokingly, you are also very amazing.

Silva vs Weidman

Silva and Weidman Kiss

Silva vs WeidmanSilva and Weidman faced off yesterday at the UFC 162 weigh-ins.  This time they literally went chin-to-chin or lips to lips.

Things certainly have changed since I started watching UFC.  Before, the two men would either A. Be respectful, shake each others hands like grown ass mature men would do, complete a simple stare down for the cameras and go on their merry way or B. Hype the fight up a bit and put their hands in the other opponents face to get the crowd going.  Today, there is man lip on man lip action going on and I don’t like it.

UFC pre-fight weigh-ins is not the place to display ghay tendencies.  I’ve been seeing it more and more.  Am I going to see some butt slappin’ next?  Is the guy going to turn around to leave the weigh-ins and the other fighter starts slapping his ass?  Are the fighters going to hug and then help each other get their clothes back on after standoff?  Is that next?  Are they just going to full out have butt sex right there on the stage?  Where does it end?

I think it’s time for Dana White to step in here and set these fighters straight.  Get it?  I think he should call a meeting and let them know that they need to keep their ghay tendencies to a minimum during UFC weigh-ins.  After the weigh-ins it’s game on.  They can do as much butt slappin, lip mangling, or butt humping as they wish as long as its backstage and not in front of the masses.  Nobody wants to see that.