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Hole In Ground Available For Rent In Fargo

Fargo, ND – A property management company has decided to get innovative and cutting edge with their leasing options. An apartment complex on 9th Avenue Circle in Fargo has completely filled vacancy inside the actual building, and with business booming, decided that it would be stupid to deny eager residents the option to rent at their fantastic homes. So, they did what any savvy company would: they tore a hole in the ground and stuck a sign next to it. “For Rent” the sign reads, and at a steal of a deal: this sod-walled studio apartment is available for only $599/month! Comes equipped with big long orange extension cord for unlimited electricity, curbside garbage pickup, flimsy orange caution fence for privacy, and pets are required as many disgusting wild animals already inhabit this tiny dent in the earth. Call now before it’s gone!