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West Fargo Library Being Closed For Displaying Books

Books such as these were blatantly on public display within the confines of the West Fargo Library!

West Fargo, ND – The West Fargo Library was recently notified that the facility will sadly be shut down at the end of the month for having displayed books within the library.

The Federal Library Administration Board (FLAB) has made it perfectly clear that the displaying of books in public libraries will no longer be tolerated as it might be found to be offensive to some non-bibliophiles.

Mrs. Foglia Strawberry who has been acting executive director of the West Fargo Library since 1978 is asking that anyone who currently has a book checked out from the West Fargo Library please kindly return their book(s) or simply keep them forever since the library is being closed.

What will the West Fargo Library be used for now that it is being shut down? The FM Observer has learned that the former library space will be utilized for Transgender Support Group meetings during the day and Transexual Studies during the evenings.

Ironically, all the letters in Foglia Strawberry can magically be rearranged to spell: West Fargo Library!

Moorhead Library

A New generation in Moorhead is breaking the librarian stereotype

Moorhead LibraryMoorhead, MN – As I walked into the library, the cool air with a tint of old book smell hit my nose.  It reminded me of my young days in elementary school.  Looking around I could see piles of books stacked up around me.  Some books look used and worn while other books looked lonely and unused.  Walking towards the back I couldn’t stop thinking about the stories behind all these books.  Where have they been?  How have they been treated?  As I was thinking I stumbled into a pale white figure hiding in the shadows.

Scared, I asked the sickly looking young adult if it needed help.  “Help?” it asked.  “I was going to ask YOU if you needed something.  I’m the librarian.”  Vampire boy has been a librarian for three years now.  White, pale looking skin, and fake vampire teeth is not your stereotypical appearance of a librarian.  He is not the only one.  A new generation of 20-somethings are breaking the stereotypical librarian role.  Vampires and wizards have been showing up in libraries across the US.  Movie series such as Twilight and Harry Potter have spawned a generation of wannabe vampires and magic spewing young adults.  Instead of nice quiet ladies with glasses, slightly greying hair, and a warming smile, we are now being greeted with black eyeliner, fake vampire teeth and pale skinned freaks.  Wannabe wizards with fake capes and fake superpowers have also been spotted.

For Harry Potter (yes this was his real name), he thought about attending college after high school.  Instead, he is a library assistant in Moorhead, MN.

“Initially I thought about studying quantum mechanics at Harvard but the library kept drawing me in.  Where else could I get paid to study magical powers and spell casting?  This, this is what brought me here.”

Last week a student came in and wanted to know how to cast a fire spell.  Harry Potter knew exactly how to help him.  Another young adult came in yesterday wondering how to drink blood.  Vampire boy knew exactly how to help the lad.

In the end it comes down to customer service.  What better way to provide customer service then to hire vampire boy and harry potter to help with your library needs.