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New device streamlines ignoring calls and texts



Las Vegas, NV – One of the big reveals at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas was a revolutionary new smartphone device. The device is considered an application as it works in conjunction with the iPhone to alert you of incoming calls/texts/notifications. Not in the way you’re thinking, however. This new type of “app” comes not in the form of software for the iPhone, but in the form of hardware! Yes, MetaWatch smart watch pushes incoming iPhone alerts via bluetooth directly to your wrist!

The innovators at MetaWatch kept the importance of ignoring alerts in mind when they created this device. Today’s young adult is constantly on-the-go with meetings, appointments and other important events so saving time is of the essence. MetaWatch helps answer the important question: What could we do to circumvent the prompt answering of texts and calls? Bingo! We can separate the notification from the actual device so we can screen calls¬†without even touching the phone.¬†

Let’s be honest–are we not having to touch the iPhone to properly address the notification anyway, thus actually rendering MetaWatch as a slight inconvenience? Yes, but initial hipster reaction has still been very positive:

“It’s just easier than switching screens on the phone I’m already staring at all day.”

This innovative new hardware is poised to streamline the ignoring of calls and texts. Neglect incoming inquiries faster than ever before with METAWATCH.