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Musician “Flips The Bird” To Fargo Crowd While Suppposedly Trying To Play The F-Chord

Playing the F-chord is justifiable way of flipping the bird while maintaining plausible deniability.

Fargo, ND Some surprised listeners in the crowd of a small Fargo bar got upset when the solo musician performing on stage repeatedly gave them the middle finger during her show.

To be fair, some hecklers had been yelling out that the music at the relatively small venue was too loud for the space and had been asking for the volume to be turned down.

After the musician tried explaining that what may have appeared to be “flipping the bird” was simply her trying to play the F-chord on the guitar, some of the bar patrons took that to be a stealth reference to getting the F-bomb.

How do you feel about this? Was the crowd being too sensitive? Do you like loud music in small bars? If the musician was flipping off the crowd, was it justified? Were you aware that the F-chord is now a secret new F-bomb?

Middle Finger Replaces Frown Face On Social Media

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An emoticon that says two words!

Middle Branch, Ohio – In an on-going effort to stay culturally current, the old frown face is now being replaced by the middle finger on The Facebook.

Emoticon experts all agree that this is a very good move in the right direction.

“The middle finger is way more expressive than the old frown face” says Tink Winkerdahl who blogs from his parents’ basement in Middlesex, New York.

“I personally believe that the middle finger is here to stay. The beta version which was introduced just last week has already been used a lot!”