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Minnesota Couple Marry In Cemetery

AUSTIN, Minn – How do you gain the brides deceased parents respect in the non creepiest way possible? Get married by their graves in a cemetery of course!

In an unconventional wedding ceremony, Diane Waller and Randy Kjarland exchanged vows in Austin’s Oakwood Cemetery.  The bride and grooms parents were unable to attend because they are, well, dead.

All of their friends thought that having the wedding in a cemetery was a joke.  I mean…pfff…who wouldn’t!  They also said others cried when they heard of the couples story.  In actuality, they weren’t crying out of joy but were crying because they had to attend a fucking wedding in a cemetery.

“I think it’s great having a wedding in a cemetery” a family friend stated.  “It represents exactly what marriage is about.  Death and decomposer.”

We wish them the best.